6 Mistakes To Avoid On Aircon Installation


Although air conditioners serve a simple purpose, they are machines just like any other. This means that without proper installation and maintenance many things can go wrong. Singapore has many air conditioner systems installation contractors who claim to be the best at what they do. Whether you do it yourself or involve a contractor the key thing is that the AC unit is installed properly. Proper installation ensures smooth operation of the AC. Below are mistakes to avoid when installing your AC unit.


6 mistakes to avoid on air conditioner installation 

Installing the wrong size
Most consumers make the mistake of believing that the bigger an Air conditioning system is the better. This is a very misguiding notion that make many regret later. On the contrary getting a very tiny air conditioning unit might also bring problems with its functionality. An over sized AC for instance will be going on and off and end up costing you so much in terms of energy consumption. An undersized one will fail to properly cool your home due to the small cooling capacity. A small AC will have to work extra hard to cool the entire room. This in turn makes your system wear off faster. When settling for the size of an AC, it all depends on the cooling requirements of your home. Your contractor should check the size of the room, layout, insulation and load producing equipment. This will help know the exact cooling requirement of your home and thereby the recommendation of a suitable air conditioner. Do not ignore this because a wrong sized air conditioner will not serve the cooling needs of your home. As such you will end up buying another one

Wrong location of the air conditioner
You might want to put your air conditioner in an area you feel it is ventilating the room properly. Depending on the location of your home, most experts prefer that you position your air conditioner on the eastern or northern side of the room. This is because normally the south or western sides of a room are considered hotspots as they receive too much direct sunlight. The north or eastern sides are rather shady and therefore best suited for aircon placement. Placing your AC unit in a shady area will guarantee you energy efficiency. Also do not place it in a location where it is blocked by many things as this might reduce air circulation in the room.

Getting the wrong contractor
Getting a wrong, inexperienced and unprofessional contractor could be the beginning of your worst nightmare. This is because the outcome whether good or bad depends on the contractor. If he knows nothing then everything will go wrong. If he has all the knowledge and experience then all is bound to be perfectly fine. You can only avoid aircon installation mistakes if you hire the best contractor. Try and get someone who is licensed and who seems to understand all the intricacies involved in aircon installation. Gauge the contractors’ knowledge by asking a few questions and see how they are responded to. Check for certificates to ensure they are operating legally. Also rely on referral from friends, colleagues and family. If someone you know has previously worked with the contractor and was satisfied then give him a try. Also shop around for installation fees charged by different contractors. Some contractors are extremely exorbitant and will leave you penniless. Get at least three quotations, then match the cost with the experience and the reputation of the contractor. Note that there are numerous fraudsters waiting to pounce on your hard earned cash. As such select thoroughly and do not be in a hurry.

Aircon Installation

Wrong positioning of the thermostat
All AC units come with thermostats that are either manual or automatic. The thermostat is the central nervous system of your air conditioner. As such in order for the AC to work properly the thermostat must be properly positioned. This is because the thermostat regulates the flow of heat in and out of the AC system. It is important that you should place the thermostat far away from all heat generating appliances in the room. These high temperatures will prompt the thermostat to overwork consequently raising your power consumption. Things like lamps, televisions and even computers should be kept away from the thermostat. When the thermostat works more than it should then it is obvious the aircon will break down sooner than expected. 

Installing the air conditioner upright
As you select a shady location to position the aircon, ensure that you will be able to install it in backward sliding position. This will ensure that the AC gets to drain properly. If you install it uprightly, you can experience drainage problems later. This is because the drain line will be clogged as dirt accumulates.

Ignoring the importance of a ceiling fan when installing your AC
An AC unit and ceiling fan work hand in hand to ensure maximum cooling of the room. Even if you never had a ceiling fan before you should get one as soon as you decide to install an AC. A ceiling fan ensures helps the AC work better by ensuring proper movement of air around the room. This makes the AC last longer. It also creates a characteristic wind chill which makes you feel great even at higher temperatures. Just ensure that you get an energy star rated ceiling fan when you decide to buy one. 


Before getting the contractor to install the AC, make sure you check for any leakages. Check for the coolant level, because leakages will cause you to spend much in energy costs. Some parts of Singapore can sometimes have quite unbearable temperatures. Only a properly installed air conditioner will you guarantee you comfort. There is no need investing in a system that will not serve your needs correctly due to installation mishaps. The key thing is to get a qualified contractor.

Besides proper installation, routine maintenance is also important for an air conditioner. For instance something like the air filter should be replaced regularly. Also the AC must be cleaned regularly to avoid dirt from accumulating on important parts of the AC.


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