Taking Proper Care Of Your Air-con


Maintaining your air-con.

Air-cons are common in many homes in Singapore owing to the hot weather. If you live in a HDB flat it becomes important to continuously care for your air-con to prolong its life and also maintain efficiency. To keep cool air in your home at all times, you must learn how to take proper care of your air-con.

DIY ways of taking care of your air conditioner.

The internet is full of DIY tutorials and videos on methods of cleaning your air conditioner. They make it look so easy but the truth is cleaning your air conditioner is not a small task. It is fine to try DIY cleaning once in a while because it is of the basics ways of maintaining your air conditioner apart from professional cleaning by the experts. DIY cleaning may become frustrating for the first time because of lack of experience in cleaning but as time proceeds you will continue being better at it. Read as many tutorials as you can and watch more videos to understand the right kind of cleaning that works for you.

1. Normal cleaning of air conditioner filters.

A simple way of air conditioner cleaning is cleaning the filters. This is good but it is not sufficient because it only cleans a small portion of the air conditioner. Aside from normal cleaning of filters, there is chemical cleaning of air conditioner.

2. Chemical cleaning of air conditioner.

Chemical cleaning is now the hard part of air conditioner cleaning. Although there are many DIY chemical cleaners online and in the market, the process is not easy. Those trying DIY chemical cleaning for the first time should brace themselves because it becomes very messy at times. When deep cleaning your air conditioner, take extra care when cleaning the interior fan coil because of accumulated dirt and grease.

Professional ways of taking care of your air conditioner.

1. General servicing.

This is a common professional way of caring for your air conditioner. General servicing is done by professionals to ensure that all parts of the air conditioner are working as expected. This is because as time goes on some parts of the air conditioner start deteriorating and wearing out. Wear and tear makes your air conditioner less efficient and it may also lead to more power consumption. During general servicing, experts identify the faulty areas of the air conditioner, carry out repair or do replacements. General serving should be done at least three times a year to yield the expected kind of results.

General serving involves:

Cleaning dirt particles and grime – during general servicing the professionals remove all dirt and grime stuck in the air conditioner. Once dirt and grime accumulates in the air conditioner the air conditioner pipes become clogged up and the fan coil cannot rotate as it is supposed to. Cleaning ensures all parts of the air-con are working as required.

Inspection – this is the main benefit of professional general servicing. Air conditioning experts are experienced and can identify faults that are likely to occur in future. This will solve problems likely to occur in future before they occur and this saves you money and time.

2. Chemical cleaning.

Chemical cleaning is mostly done to top up Freon gas. This is because Freon gas otherwise known as air conditioning gas may leak to other parts of air conditioner. The work of air conditioning professionals is to do a thorough chemical cleaning and top up the Freon gas back to the required amount. Chemical cleaning of your conditioner is better done by professionals because they have the right skills and tools required to do a perfect job.

Why consider professional air-con maintenance over DIY.

1. Professionals have skills.

Professional air conditioning experts have the right skills to take care of your air conditioner. This is because they all well trained on the different models of air conditioners and they are experienced in the job they do. This is different from doing it yourself because you may not have the required skills and experience needed to do the job in the right manner. Tutorials and videos may be helpful but they are not still the best approach to consider for newbies.

2. The right tools.

Tools are very important when it comes to air conditioning. You cannot take care of your air conditioner without the right tools. Professionals have the right tools needs to maneuver through the different parts of your air conditioner. They also have the right cleaning that are used in cleaning your air depending on the type of cleaning you need. Tools are the main reason why professionals offer quality work as opposed to doing it yourself.

3. Saving on cost.

Hiring professionals may look expensive but when you look at it logically, you will understand the aspect of cost saving. DIY maintenance of your air-con means that you need to buy tools and cleaning agents that are expensive. Even after buying tools you will use them once in a while and this is not economically viable. On the other hand hiring professionals is not as expensive as buying your own tools and at the end of the day you get quality output while at the same time saving your money and stress involved in DIY cleaning.

4. Quality work.

We all know that DIY does not always produce quality output. This is because it is mostly a trial and error process. You can never be assured of doing the best especially if you are not experienced in the field. Professionals on the other hand guarantee quality work and output. This is because professionals give their best owing to the fact that they were trained for the job and they do it every day.

5. Saving time.

The time you use it trying to take care of your air-con can be used in other productive activities. Professionals come in to ensure that your precious time is not wasted in doing less beneficial activities. You can now use your holidays and weekends doing productive work or relaxing and just sit back and watch good work being done by professionals in the field.
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