A Guide On How To Buy The Best Aircon For Your Condo

Every condo owner will agree with the fact that air conditioning is one of the most important systems to install, especially in places like Singapore where the climate is hot and humid. Buying aircon and having the system installed is a huge decision that will cost you several thousands of dollars. The better part of it is that the installed system will serve you for years. Getting an unsuitable system will not only waste your money but will also guarantee you poor service for as long as the system remains in place. It is everyone’s wish to save their money, no matter how rich they are. Below is a guide that is meant to help you choose the correct aircon in the market for your condo if you reside around Singapore.

Aircon For Condo

First of all, make a comprehensive comparison of prices from various distributors. Beware of brokers, who in most cases happen to be the contractors you hire. Always ensure that you browse for better options in the market before considering whatever the contractor recommends. Most brands offer commissions to contractors who market and sell their brand. For business purposes, most contractors will only recommend the brand that offers them a higher commission regardless of their pricing and quality. Take your time to visit different distributors and sample their products before coming into a conclusion on what brand to go with.

You should consider the unit type when making a purchase. There are three well-known types of Air Conditioner units. The most popular type of aircon units in Singapore is the Multi-Split System, which comes with an external central compressor and indoor blower units that can cool multiple rooms within your condo efficiently. In terms of power consumption, such systems are the most efficient all over Singapore.

Another type is the Window and Casement unit. These units are affordable, easy to install, offer decent cooling and are easily compatible with the sliding window design on most condominiums. They, however, offer limited cooling power and are less efficient. Finally, we have the Portable Aircon units, which are very convenient given that they can be moved around the room. They have a venting kit that gets rid of warm air out of the window or reservoirs that need frequent emptying. These units are only applicable in small rooms and are bulky and heavy at times.

Cooling capacity is critical for an aircon. Never ignore the BTU (British Thermal Rating) of the air conditioner you intend to buy. Normally, the BTU rating of an aircon system implicates the size of the room in which it should be installed. Different rooms in your condo have different sizes. Small rooms such as single bedrooms (smaller
or equal to 150 sq. ft) require a unit that is rated approximately 6,000 BTUs. Larger rooms (between 150 and 350 sq. ft), like for the case of a Condo Common room, need an aircon with roughly 9,000 BTUs. Extra-large rooms (between 500 and 800 sq. ft), say Condo Master rooms, require powerful aircon units ranging between 10,000 and 15,000 BTUs.

Aircon For Condo

For Condo living rooms, which range from 800 sq. units, install a unit that ranges between 22,000 and 24,000 BTUs for the best air-conditioning experience. Using an overpowered air conditioner will cool your room much faster than the speed at which humidity is removed, leaving the walls damp and risking your wallpaper and warp wooden floors with time. An underpowered aircon, on the other hand, escalates your electricity bills since you always have to set it on full-power for longer periods, a practice that wears the unit out within a short time.

Ensure you go for an aircon whose energy efficiency rating meets your electricity usage. You can also achieve the same by monitoring how regularly you turn your unit on. The EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) measures how efficiently your unit uses electricity. The base number is ten, which is also a legal requirement in Singapore. For every point above ten, your monthly cost will be lower by about 10 percent. This leads to lower electricity bills, though the initial cost will be higher. For those who seldom use the unit, say less than five times a week, this option may not save them a cent. If you use the unit on a daily basis, then going for a unit with a high EER is the best option for you and trust me, it will save you a fortune of cash.

If you intend to use the aircon every night, it is recommendable to purchase the extended warranty which goes for less than 200 SGD. Note that this amount is not high compared to how much you would spend to fix a leaking unit or damaged compressor. You may not need the extended warranty for your living room if you use it less frequently, or you can even do without them for a while. However, be cautious when buying such warranties since they are offered by the seller, not the manufacturer. The validity of your warranty expires once the shop closes down. You should, therefore, only buy such units from proven companies and established dealers to be on the safe side.

Aircon For Condo

Some aircon units come with a silencing system which eliminates the signature “drone” sound when it’s on. Units with this feature installed tend to cost higher in the market as compared to their equivalents which lack the silencer. Is the silenced unit worth the price? Well, for small rooms it can be worth paying for. For larger rooms, silent running becomes irrelevant since the sound is hardly hard. In very large rooms, you may not even notice the noise, making the silencer useless.

Since aircon purchases count as retail spend, you can earn many points or even cashback if you buy using a credit card. You will only be able to claim the rewards if you make a full payment' so ensure that you can pay for the cost completely to avoid bad account standings and interest accumulation on pending debts on your card.

Do you live in or around Singapore? Are thinking of buying an aircon for home use in your condo? Now you are set to go!

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