Aircon Servicing - Different Types of Aircon Cleaning

Aircon cleaning or servicing is the cleaning and maintenance of an AC system. However, most people in Singapore do not think the service is so important. The performance of the aircon depends on servicing and maintenance. A clean air conditioner provides good air than a system accumulated with dirt. Also, when an air conditioner is well maintained or serviced, it cools the room faster and reduces energy consumption.

Air Con Cleaning

Most people in Singapore ignore aircon servicing because they think their system is working properly, while others do not want to incur the servicing costs. What they do not know that there are so many benefits of aircon servicing.

What are the Benefits of aircon servicing?

It is essential for you to service your AC system. The quality of the air in your house is determined by the air conditioner. If the system is not well maintained, it will have to work extra harder to provide quality air. Hence, the life-span of the system will be shorter and electricity consumption will be high.

It is also wise to consider the cost of repairing or purchasing a new aircon, the expense of you or one of your family member failing sick and the inconvenient of installing a new system. The best solution to all the above problems is serving your aircon properly and at the right time. Aircon serving should be performed regularly and by a professional.

Always engage a certified aircon technician to service or repair your air conditioner. When AC fins, filter and other important elements become dirty, bacteria may build up and the quality of air in the house will be compromised. An unclean air conditioner affects every component of the system.

But when an aircon is properly serviced and maintained, it provides quality air and breaks down less often. Besides, during aircon servicing, the technician might discover other issues such as water accumulation, pipe blockage, aircon leakage, the system not cooling the house properly and many other issues. Hence, it is vital to schedule for aircon cleaning by a certified technician regularly.

Types of Aircon cleaning

There are several types of aircon cleaning or servicing. The cleaning can range from a simple process to a complicated one. The simple cleaning involves the general cleaning of aircon components while the complex cleaning involves a complete overhaul of the system. Types of aircon cleaning include Simple-aircon cleaning, Aircon-chemical cleaning, Aircon steam cleaning or a mixture of Chemical cleaning and Steam cleaning.

Air Con Cleaning

Aircon Simple cleaning

Aircon-simple cleaning is a servicing process that involves water and detergent. It is the cheapest type of cleaning method. It is a simple and gentle process that may not take a lot of time. However, it is always crucial to engage a professional in this simple process. This type of aircon cleaning might not be effective in removing the bacteria or stubborn stains accumulated in the system. If your AC has not been serviced for some time, you may need a more aggressive type of aircon cleaning.

Aircon chemical cleaning

Aircon-chemical cleaning is an aggressive type of cleaning that involves the use of the alkaline or acidic solution. The solution helps to remove the stubborn stains and dirt that might have accumulated in the aircon components over time. This type of cleaning is also referred as aircon chemical overhaul. In some cases, the AC may be taken down and taken to a different place for chemical cleaning.

Nevertheless, chemical aircon cleaning is only effective when the correct chemical is used. The chemical should be approved and certified for usage. Also, the technician should be professional and well-trained to carry out the procedure. Once the chemical cleaning is done, the performance of your system should improve. The cleaning removes bacteria, stains and dirt.

The professional cleaner may decide to use alkaline or acidic chemical solution. The acidic solution is the effective chemical solution for cleaning a dirty aircon. The nature of this chemical is that it dissolves everything it comes into contact with it. This means that determining the level of concentration is very important. The chemical should also be washed off as quickly to avoid damaging aircon elements.

On the other hand, the alkaline chemical solution is milder. It cannot damage aircon components like the acidic solution. But whether the chemical solution is acidic or alkaline, it should be rinsed properly to avoid decomposition of aircon components.

Air Con Cleaning

After chemical aircon cleaning, the performance of your system should improve immediately. You should feel the coolness of the air conditioner. The chemical solution also helps to eliminate bad odor that might be coming from the system. It is therefore essential to choose a reliable and certified professional for the aircon chemical cleaning.

Aircon steam cleaning

Aircon steam cleaning is a servicing process where water vapour is used. The steam used has enough heat to kill germs or bacteria, and remove stains and dirt completely. Even though the vapour used cannot damage your aircon components, the level of stain or dirt removed may not be effective as when cleaned using the chemical solution.

Combination of Aircon chemical cleaning and Aircon steam cleaning

This is the best type of aircon servicing. First, the chemical cleaning is performed, then steam cleaning rinses the chemical solution completely. Even though it might be expensive than other types of aircon cleaning, it will leave your system working properly.

Why choose professional for aircon servicing

* Professional provides complete and excellent aircon cleaning services. For basic maintenance to complex servicing, your system will be well cleaned.

* Professionals will offer advice and educate you on how to take care of the system.

* Engaging professionals means hiring people who are experienced and knows how to handle aircon problems.

* Experts can easily identify aircon problems as early as possible. This means, the issues will be fixed early and cannot spread to other components

* Professional technicians are affordable. Apart from providing quality services, the cost of their services is affordable.

* They are familiar with numerous cleaning methods to get rid of all stubborn stains. They use the latest detergents and best cleaning tools.

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