Chilled Water Aircon System

Air conditioning is a common term many people have heard had of yet only a few know about chilled water air conditioner models. While it may sound new, chilled water aircon's have been around for many years (since the 70s) and can be found in hospitals, learning institutions and commercial outlets. It is mostly preferred for hot climate areas and spaces that require heavy output such as server firms. These air conditioners are very efficient in cooling superhot surroundings and feature various characteristics you will not find in conventional aircon systems. Here is a brief description of chilled water aircon systems including their features, how they work and benefits.

Chilled Aircon

How does it work?

As abovementioned, chilled water air conditioners are not new in the market and are found in most commercial places in the US. In places like Singapore, these systems can be found in residential buildings. In fact, some places mandate the installation of air conditioners that use chilled water technology as part of the building codes. Essentially, this system comes with various features that result in exceptional energy efficiency and ideal cooling for hot climates. The mechanism chilled water air conditioners use is quite simple to understand. As the name suggests, these systems use water rather than air to cool your spaces. The system features a water reservoir and a separate glycol mixture that is distributed throughout your building using pipes. Air handlers which work just like traditional aircon's are also installed in each room. Inside each air handler is a running cooling coil over which the coldwater is run. A fan is used to blow air over the cooling coils to absorb the heat and warm water goes back to the reservoir.

How does cooling occur?

Water is known to have 20 times cooling efficiency when compared to air. When warm air is blown through the cooling coils, it loses heat to the water. Warm water is then moved back to the reservoir and the process repeats itself until the water in the reservoir reaches a given temperature, which then triggers chillers. Chillers are usually fitted outside the house and are only turned on to cool the reservoir back to cold temperature that can cool your rooms. Once the reservoir is back to appropriate temperature the chillers automatically shut off, which is another advantage of these systems. Energy loss is reduced as much as possible.

Advantages of chilled water air conditioners

The benefits of installing chilled water air conditioners are quite obvious and straightforward. They were initially used in commercial buildings, server firms and colleges where efficient cooling systems are required. The main reason why these systems are efficient in such areas is because water cools faster and better than air. Chilled water systems are now ideal choices for homes and residential buildings. The unique advantages of these systems include the following.

Chilled Aircon

Reduced energy bills -

Since water cools 20 times faster than air, these systems will be able to cool you spaces within a few minutes. With modern advancements that include smart thermostats, you can achieve energy efficiency by using your aircon only when needed. The chilled water systems are perfect for hot weather and regions that are exposed to increased heat levels such as server rooms and kitchens. Although the reservoir is chilled using chillers running on electricity, this is only triggered when the temperature of the reservoir go up past a given limit. They have sufficient energy saving features and the reservoir will seldom need chilling since the water temperature drops drastically at night.

Effective cooling -

In order to understand how effective water is in cooling compare standing outside on a day when the temperature is 35 degrees. It may not feel too cold as compared to jumping into a 35 degree swimming pool. With the pool, you will immediately feel hypothermia. The system is a closed loop that does not allow water evaporation of any kind. It does not only save energy but also saves water. There is no water added to your environment and you can still collect the water from your condenser and use it to water your plants.

Longevity -

Most chilled water cooling systems are compact closed systems that require minimal maintenance to keep running. They usually come with lengthy warranty periods and can serve you many years before they break down. There are many other minor benefits of chilled water aircon systems. They are your ideal choice if you have large spaces to cool or live in hot areas.

Chilled Aircon

Installing chilled water aircon's

Many people are continuously getting interested in chilled water air conditioner systems. Finding models and systems intended for residential buildings. There's several aircon businesses that can install chill-water aircon systems. Such businesses have hallmarking attributes that can be used to distinguish them from others. Some of the things to evaluate when looking to install chill-water air conditioners include the following.

Reputation -

Businesses that have consistently met user requirements and provided top quality services will definitely have a good reputation within the area. Looking through comments and opinions from previous clients will give you insights on how well any given company will satisfy your needs.

Experience -

It is advisable to use the services of long serving experienced companies that have installed chilled water air conditioners for a long time. Some new companies can still meet your requirements. However, the experienced companies probably have streamlined services and boast profound knowledge from their years of service. Other elements to review include professionalism, use of high quality materials, affordability and quality guarantees. It is generally advisable to choose credible licensed businesses that are allowed to provide the service in your area.


Chilled water air conditioners are becoming very popular and the modern designs are perfect for residential areas. However, they need additional work of installing a water reservoir and chillers outside the house. Fortunately, this comes with the advantage of spending less on energy bills and maintenance. The systems also offer super cooling regardless of the weather outside.

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