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Air conditioners have become more of a necessity than a luxury in today world. Almost every corporate office and most of the houses feature an air conditioning unit that makes living a lot more comfortable. Air conditioning becomes a lot more important in tropical places like Singapore where temperatures and humidity could reach discomforting levels on certain days and living without an AC is next to impossible.

There are many famous brands in this business which are known to provide quality products at competitive prices. But Daikin and Mitsubishi stand out of the crowd as they provide superior performance and durable quality product. Apart from that their service network is also very active, therefore in case there is any problem with the unit, it can be resolved very quickly.


Both the products have different characteristics and hence have their pros and cons, lets take a look at these products:

# Mitsubishi Air Conditioning system:
# Mitsubishi air conditioners are present in the market from a long time and have made their place as one of the most reliable air conditioner brand available in the market.

# Mitsubishi aircon are available in all sizes ranging from small household units to large commercial units used in offices.

# One of the most important advantage of Mitsubishi systems is their ability to maintain a constant air flow. Maintaining a constant air flow is very important from comfort point of view. A system capable of maintaining a constant air flow in varying heat load conditions results in quick and efficient cooling.

# Constant air flow also helps in evenly cooling the entire room without causing any draft feeling which happens when some part of the room is left warm while other part of the room is cold.

# It makes Mitsubishi air conditioners suitable for large rooms and halls where you want quick and even cooling.

# Usually Mitsubishi ACs take around 5-7 minutes in cooling the room to an ambient temperature depending upon the AC capacity and the size of the room.

Daikin Aircon

# While most air conditioners produce cool air efficiently, the only problem associated with these ACs is their high noise which sometimes proves to be irritating. The Mitsubishi aircon's have an added advantage that their compressors works noise free making the overall functioning extremely quiet.

# The ability to cool the entire space efficiently while keeping the entire process noise free is the main USP of this brand.

# Due to its quiet operation Mitsubishi ACs are preferred choice of customers for the bedrooms. Disturbing noise due to air circulation is also kept minimum to enhance the consumer comfort.

# Many public installations such as halls and hospitals also prefer Mitsubishi ACs due to their quiet system.

# Daikin Aircon systems:
# Daikin is one of the pioneers in the refrigeration and air conditioning business. It has several patents to its name and is known to provide significant development in this field.
# It has gained a lot of appreciation from across the globe and has a long list of satisfied customers which has made it world's second largest AC manufacturer.

# Daikin produces many models catering to different requirements of people. It is one of the top selling brands in Singapore which is used for both home and commercial use.

Mitsubishi Aircon

# The major advantage of owning a Daikin air conditioner is its high build quality and durable life. All Daikin products are built to last a long service life without giving any problem to its customer.

# Daikin has won many awards which makes it one of the most trusted brands in the market. This enhances the customer satisfaction to a new level and gives him/her confidence in Daikin products.

# Built from high quality materials, all Daikin products ensure optimum performance under varying conditions. It's durable construction means the product will offer a long service life and can be used extensively without any problem.

# One of the major reason of Daikin's large sales volume is due to energy efficient systems. Daikin makes the most energy efficient air conditioning systems. Their energy consumption is very less as compared to other brands available in the market.

# These units are specially designed to provide optimum cooling effect while consuming limited electricity.
# Saving electricity also reduces the monthly electricity expenditure and thus helps in saving money on a long run.

Both Mitsubishi and Daikin offer quality products and have a vast servicing network. While Mitsubishi provides consistent and quiet cooling operation, Daikin on the other hand works more efficiently and saves money on electricity bill. But one thing common for both the brands is their durable quality and long service life.


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