Do We Need to Service Our Air-con Condenser?


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Do We Need to Service Our Air-con Condenser?

So do we really need to service our air-con condenser? Professional aircon condenser servicing is performed to help rid the insides of mould, bacteria and clogged dirt. Technicians will diagnose if any faulty parts need to be replaced, helping to prevent air con break downs. Keeping your air con in tip-top condition ensures that it does not lose its efficiency and continues to perform like brand new over the years.

However, we understand that some might still be confused especially when jargons like air con compressor, fan coil and condenser are used by your air con technician. Sometimes, you cannot help but wonder if these parts really need special servicing or if they are trying to squeeze an extra buck from you.

Let us introduce you to how an air con functions and what are the main parts that need special attention. What actually happens inside your air con is that refrigerant liquid is repeatedly converted to gas because during this change of state, heat is absorbed. Hot air from the room flows over evaporator coils and the refrigerant liquid absorbs the heat and changes to the gaseous state. Next, a compressor compresses the gaseous refrigerant at high pressures and transfers it to the condenser as a hot gas. Lastly, the condenser's function is to help cool this gas back into the liquid form so that it can absorb more heat from the room's air when it is made to convert to the gaseous form again.

The air con condenser is a set of coils that is usually made of copper tubing. There is also a fan that helps quicken the movement of air across the condenser to increase the rate of cooling. For the air con condenser to be functioning optimally, the coils need to be kept clean and this is best done by the professionals who have the right equipment and chemicals. So the answer to “Does your air con condenser require servicing?" is a definite YES!

Generally, when a servicing job is done for your air conditioner, it should cover all the main components including the compressor, condenser and evaporator because what the professionals usually do is thoroughly clean the entire air con unit.

However, to be doubly sure, and to make use of your new knowledge of air con parts, be sure to check with the servicemen that they are helping to service the air con condenser as well. Different servicing companies may not provide similar servicing packages so be sure that you do not just pick the cheapest servicing package. Question them to find out what the package consists of and make sure that it is a thorough and all-inclusive service treatment. This will ensure that your air con is receiving the best servicing it can get and will maintain its efficiency.

When it comes to aircon servicing, cheapest is not always the best. Do a search on the forums on cheap deals and also cheap aircon company advertising on papers, more often than not, you will find many complaints on these aircon company.
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