How Important Aircon Cleaning Is

With the never ending summer days in Singapore, it can be quite tough to survive without an air conditioner. It is more of a necessity than a mere luxury. Thus, it is important to take good care of your aircon system so that it can provide you with a cool air throughout the year. Hence, aircon cleaning must be done on a regular basis to make sure that your air conditioner is working perfectly. People may not find it essential or necessary to clean the air conditioner as regularly as it must be, but it is important. There are many reasons why you must clean the air conditioner thoroughly from time to time.

Aircon Cleaning

Why Is It Important To Clean Aircon?

Air conditioners, in Singapore, are used throughout the year because of its hot and humid climate. Thus, cleaning is frequently required to keep it functional and efficient. Here are some of the reasons why cleaning of aircon is important:

Flow of cool air

With repeated use of your air conditioning system, the filters tend to get dirty. The filters are installed in the aircon to refrain the dust and dirt from the fresh air coming out of the air conditioner. But if the filters are not cleared regularly and left like that, then it can become a hindrance for the cool air to pass. You will not get a proper and efficient flow of cool air from the air conditioner. Hence, you must clean the filters once in every two months to keep it clean and functional. Thus, it will allow the cool air to pass through seamlessly and your rooms will get cooler.

Improve the quality of air

Regular cleaning is also important for your air conditioning system to ensure that it emits clean and pure air all the time. You will definitely want clean air inside your room. But if the filters are full of dust and dirt it can cause bacteria to build up there. So, whenever you switch on the air conditioning system, the air that passes through the filters will contain bacteria, fine dust particles and pollutants in it. It is not good for a healthy environment and can cause many respiratory problems, especially if you have kids or elderly people at home. This can increase the chance of asthma and lungs problem. Hence, it is important to keep the aircon clean all the time. This will ensure that your home is free from any airborne germs ort bacteria, pollutants and dust particles.

Reduce your energy bills

An air conditioning unit with clean and clear filters will help you to reduce the consumption of electricity. Hence, it will reflect on your energy bills as well. A clean filter helps to speed up the cooling process and it will help your room to get cool and comfortable within few minutes. On the other hand, if the filter is dirty then it will take much longer time to cool your room down. So, you have to consume much more electricity to keep it working for several hours. But with regular aircon cleaning, it will help you to save the energy cost by 2 to 3% which is quite great. Hence, to reduce your electricity bill and save money, it is important to keep your aircon clean.

Aircon Cleaning

Reduces the wear & tear

When your air conditioning system is not cleaned properly, it doesn’t cool the rooms down adequately. Hence, you tend to run the system for a longer period of time. This can put a lot of load on the compressor as it forces it to work harder to cool down your rooms. It is the expensive as well as a crucial part of the air conditioning unit. With poor maintenance and less cleaning, your compressor can go through many tears and wears, ultimately causing a complete damage to it. Hence, it is very important to keep your air conditioning unit always clean.

Good for environment

Have you heard of reducing the greenhouse effect? It encourages every person in the offices and households to keep their air conditioning units clean and well maintained. This is important for the environment around you. A clean and well maintained air condition system is a good start toward a better eco-friendly world. When the filters of your air conditioning system is not clean, it will have to work for several hours emitting a lot of heat and consuming a lot of energy. This can severely affect the environment in a negative way. Hence, you need to keep your aircon systems and units clean to ensure that less amount of heat is emitted into the environment.

How To Clean The Aircon?

Aircon cleaning involves a lot of work. But you must devote a few minutes of your life to clean this unit for the sake of your health as well as for the environment. You must clean the filters properly to ensure that the aircon unit can emit clean air all the time. It will also make sure that the room is cooling down much faster. You also have to clean the fan blower to increase its efficiency. A clogged fan blower can hinder the flow of cool air. Also, you must clean the drain lines as it tends to get clogged with dirt. It is important to clean everything once in two to three months, at least.

Aircon Cleaning

This entire cleaning process can be done by anyone with minimum skills. But if you think it is tough for you or if you do not have enough time to do it on your own, call a professional. There are many professional services that offer efficient aircon cleaning and maintenance services in Singapore. Make sure to choose a service with good experience and valid license.

Get Clean Aircon!

Now, when you know the importance of a clean and well maintain air conditioning system, you must not waste any time. Hire a professional and get your aircon cleaned properly before the Chinese New Year. Many services offer special discounts and offers too for aircon cleaning and maintenance services. Enjoy some fresh and cool air in the new year!

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