How Long Does It Take To Cool Down A Room With Aircon?

How long does it take to cool down a room with aircon?

Technology has made our life easier. There have come many inventions and innovations to relieve us from our day to day hard work. As Singapore is a place where the average temperature falls between 25 degree Celsius to 31 degree Celsius, one has to make use of the air conditioners. Due to the heat and the warmth, people are tend to use the new technologies if the aircons to help themselves escape from the heat.

There are many types of air conditioners that can be used to cool down our house. Few put their money in central air conditioners, others go for aircons that can be fitted in the windows of respective rooms. However, how long does aircon cool down a room?

Cooling Down Room With Aircon

There are number of factors that needs to be considered while making the aircon cool your house. The central air conditioners can cool an average sized four bedroom house in 3 hours with a temperature of 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, this depends up on many other reasons too such as the environmental temperature, the system's age. The individual units like the ones that can be placed in the windows of the room, takes lesser time to cool the room as compared to central aircons. Individual units take only 20 minutes to cool a 10 by 10 foot small room.

Evaporation systems are another types of aircons which cools with the help of evaporation of water. Mostly, such kind of systems are used in dry climates and hot climates. It takes longer than rest of the systems to cool the room. A couple of few more hours will be required as compared to the other aircons to make you feel the desired temperature.

Apart from the types of aircon, there are many remaining factors that needs to be taken into consideration while deciding for how long the room will be kept cool. The doors and the windows must be closed to maintain the temperature of the indoor. If there is frequent opening and shutting of the doors or windows, it lets the outside hot air to get in the room and warm the temperature.

The Seasonal Energy-Efficient Rating, that is, SEER is dependent on the age. SEER is the power of the system. If the age of the system is quite old, it may take longer than the defined time to cool the room and sustain the temperature. The age of the house, the insulation of the rooms where the air conditions are installed, the outside temperature are all the subsidiary factors that decides the cooling of the temperature and its maintenance.

To maintain this temperature set by your aircon, the basic precautions that you can do is to keep all the vents of the aircons open. As said above, the doors and the windows must be tightly shut. This helps in making the air conditioner work faster and harder. As your air conditioner is a technology and an electrical equipment, it needs to be checked regularly. Keep servicing your air conditioner before relapsing. The performance will be increased with the help of this and you will soon get a cool and cozy place as desired.

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