How Often Should We Service VRV Aircon?




A VRV aircon should be serviced as frequently as any other air conditioner in Singapore. In order to keep this air conditioning unit in top working order and to optimize its efficiency and accuracy its Planned Preventive Maintenance or PPM service schedule should be carried out regularly. This type of service schedule reduces the chances of failure of the equipment before its expected time and by replacing the worn out parts before their failure also improves its reliability. 


Evolution of VRV air conditioners

Before knowing more about the frequency of service of VRV aircon you must have brief information about VRV system on the basis of which Daikin has developed a new range of air conditioning units. In 1982 Daikin has launched a new series of air conditioning units known as Daikin VRV Aircon System in which the system of Variable Refrigerant Volume was used for the first time in the world. In this technology only minimum amount of refrigerant is variably circulated at any point of time to enable an individual to control the climate of a certain air conditioning area. In this way Daikin Industries Ltd. has used VRV as one of its trade marks in the field of air conditioners.

Uses of Daikin VRV 
The VRV aircons introduced by Daikin are multi-split type air conditioners which were especially developed for commercial establishments to enable the individual users to maintain the temperature of individual floor or room of a building as per their requirement. 

Advantages of Daikin VRV aircons

Operational energy saving: It minimizes the consumption of energy and helps the in optimizing the chances of saving energy by using inverter technology and accurate control on individual units.

Control of individual on climatic conditions: You can control temperature of each zone to provide maximum comfort in the entire commercial property VRV system of your aircon offers the control on climate in each room. This is such an amazing feature, you will certainly love it.

Adjustable design: You can choose VRV aircon according to the decor of your room as Dakin has introduced various models of outdoor as well indoor units in this series.

Flexible use: Only one outdoor unit of a VRV based aircon can run up to 64 indoor units at the maximum which saves lots of money to be spent on installing the length of the pipe at different levels and locations due to its flexible layout

Save space with larger capacity: A single outdoor units of 56kW of VRV aircon can be used to run 3 indoor units of 168kW. So they are easy to install and space saving air conditioners due to their small and compact design.

Installation flexibility: It can be installed flexibly due to the increasing high static pressure of the fan of outdoor unit.

Highly reliable: Daikin VRV aircon is highly reliable due to various advanced features used in it for the stable operation of this air conditioning system.


What is VRV?

VRV or Variable Refrigerant Volume is a system that is used to provide air conditioning for the applications used in a large commercial building with sophisticated control on individual zone. This unique air conditioning system has a number of benefits over traditional air conditioning systems.

Advantages of VRV aircon over central air conditioning system

Individual control: A building was air conditioned as a whole with traditional air conditioners whereas VRV aircon system allows individual control on the climate of each room. In this way it allows to control cooling as per the frequently changing occupancy in the building. Moreover it can control the temperature of the room according to its condition. Thus it is much efficient and economical air conditioning system for any building.

Benefits for property owners: it is an economical and comfortable air conditioning system as it is easily adaptable for any type of floor plan. Its central control system can be installed very quickly by utilizing the space very efficiently. VRV aircon with low operational sound is highly reliable. 

Advantages for design and consultant office: Availability of various models and piping designs allow its installation on each floor. You can choose an outdoor and indoor unit according to the installation condition and size of your building. It can meet the needs of your building with great flexibility even if the design of its long refrigerant piping and other features can put certain obstructions. Its lightweight outdoor unit offers wide range of control system for providing air refreshing treatment individually to any space.

Advantages for user: VRV aircon with low operating sound design allows the users to control their room temperature precisely by controlling its auto swing and auto restart functions through LCD remote controller. The air treatment system offered by Daikin provides comfortable air environment instead of only conditioning the air temperature. It helps in bringing the temperature of air to a comfortable level by treating the air quality through humidification, ventilation and various other processes. Its advanced centralised control system makes it easy to use.

Benefits for Installers: The compact design of the outdoor unit of the Dakin VRV aircon exceeds the norms of air conditioning systems by further optimising the functions of the equipment. It can be installed easily in limited spaces like rooftops due to its compact design. In this way its installation work can be completed faster than expected.


Other advantages of VRV aircon

Energy saving
Space saving
Wide variety of models
The best flexibility of designs
Wide range of temperature operation
Easy to install and use
Ultimately reliable air conditioner
Service frequency of VRV aircon

In fact the frequency of the service of a Daikin VRV aircon in Singapore depends upon the type of the unit and the frequency of its usage. It should be serviced more frequently than other units if it is heavily used. Its regular servicing includes calibrating and adjusting, lubricating and testing its various parts along with routine cleaning. It also includes the replacement of various parts if necessary to avoid breakdowns in near future. The trained professionals ensure the operation of the unit to its optimum level along with improving the expectancy of its life to the maximum level.


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