How to Remove Mouldy Smell From My Aircon?

Most homeowners prefer to have window air conditioners installed in a bid to make some financial on their electricity bill. These units allow them to cool down some areas of their homes that can be accessed by central air units. On the other hand, they can be used to make rooms cold enough so that the occupants can be able to use blankets to cover themselves. Window air conditioners are popular for all the above reasons but heat, water and dust when combined have the potential of creating an ideal environment for the growth and development of mold as well as mildew. This is unless the homeowner performs regular aircon servicing.

Aircon Mouldy Smell

There are several reasons for having a mouldy smell in your aircon especially for people who reside in countries such as Singapore, the main ones include the following:

Most window air conditioners are fitted with a drip tray and this component is necessary for the operation of the entire system. When water collects and it gets mixed with dust and heat, it tends to produce a mouldy smell overtime.

There might also be a drainage challenge that allows water to pool thus encouraging the growth of mold and mildew on the condenser coil, filter or on any internal part.

Black mould i.e.
Stachybotrys is toxic thus should be quickly eliminated but this should be done in a safe manner. This is why aircon servicing professionals are recommended, they have the technical know how and the necessary equipment to perform such tasks with ease.

How to remove mouldy smell

The following are some comprehensive steps that can be taken during the removal of mouldy smell in an aircon in Singapore or elsewhere in the globe:

• Remove the unit case

Window air conditioners with small windows should have their outer metal case first removed. This helps in exposing the compressor, fan and coils. On the other hand, remove a few screws and the front plastic in larger units. This enables the aircon to slide out of the casein the direction of the room. It is good to exercise a bit of caution here or the unit’s metal fins located on the rear and front section can be damaged. This is because they are made from an aluminum material that bends with relative ease.

Aircon Mouldy Smell

• Transport it outdoors
It is advisable to find a location whereby it would be comfortable to use a hose pipe. Place the aircon on a secure surface like a table but it has to be something that does not get destroyed when exposed to water or even bleach. Large aircons might need an assistant to lift it up rather than to place it on a secure surface.

• Dust removal

Use compressed air to thoroughly blow dust off the unit. Stand at a safe distance where debris and dust will have minimal contact with you. Caution should also be exercised here because of the delicate nature of the aluminum fins, blowing too hard might end up damaging them. Any debris or dust that is left on the surface should be wiped off using a clean damp cloth.

• Clean fins

Lint found in dryer vents can be eliminated using a high-quality soft brush. Stroking the fins in an upward and downward direction removes any debris that has caked on either the rear or front side of air conditioning units.

• Cleaning blower and vent

Start by filling up a spray bottle using bleach until it is a quarter full then fill up the rest with some clean water. Proceed to directly spray onto the area that blows cool air out of the aircon unit. This area should be saturated with the solution. Also ensure that you supply a lot of solution in the blower fan as you slowly turn it. Refill the bottle using pure water so that you respray the area when the solution gets depleted. Usually, the aim is to clean the area using water and bleach before flushing out the bleach with some water.

• Flush tray

All the dirt and debris located in the aircon drip tray should be flushed out using a hose. Desist from spraying inside the tray. Your aim should be to flush out all debris using pressurized water. Make sure that the pressure is regulated or else it can damage the components of the window air conditioner. Just flush for a few minutes and that should be adequate to leave a clean area.

Aircon Mouldy Smell

• Allow to dry

After thorough cleaning, the aircon unit should be given adequate time to dry outdoors. While it is drying, homeowners should try and inspect for debris or any signs of damage. Any remaining water can also be dried up with the help of a clean and dry cloth. It is best if it is very absorbent so that all the water is taken up when wiping.

• Reassemble

Reassemble the aircon case in reverse order before sliding it back into its case. It is mandatory for all parts of the air conditioning unit to be very dry before it is assembled. Remember, it is the moisture that led to the mouldy smell in the first place so try to get rid of any water.

The steps above are enough to remove the mouldy smell from your aircon. It is best to carry out these steps whenever a warm season comes to an end. It is simple to perform and only requires tools such as rags, bleach, old table, compressed air, spray bottle, hose, dryer lint brush and a screw driver.


The above insightful information shows the importance of aircon servicing with regard to preventing mouldy smell. It is a maintenance regimen that ought to be adopted by homeowners all over the world and not just Singapore at least annually. Breathing fresh smelling air is important to having a peace of mind and the steps above should guide you in the right direction. Those who do not have the time or patience to carry out this kind of servicing on their own should seek the help of aircon servicing professionals.

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