How To Test Aircon Pipe For Leaks?

  Given Singapore’s tropical climate and high humidity, one of the most important things to do is to regularly check whether your air conditioning unit is in good shape. It must be free of leaks. Otherwise, your aircon unit will be working less effectively or will stop working completely, depending on the extent of the leak. There are several ways to test your unit for leaks and locate them for easy repair.

How To Test Aircon Pipe For Leaks?

Easy Steps for Leak Detection

1. Turn on the air conditioning unit, as well as all of its controls.
Set its fan speed selector to high.

2. Check the pipes of the unit to spot any signs of leaks.
Make sure to wear safety glasses and use a flashlight to see everything clearly. Leaks will show through dark, wet stains. Use a piece of chalk to signify those stains.

3. Turn the unit off, then check the pipes again.
Do the same thing with the chalk if you can spot more signs of leaks.

4. Turn the unit back on and set the fan speed again to high.
Put the unit in its “Find Leaks” setting. With the use of a refrigerant leak detector, do a more thorough inspection of the pipes. Do it with the detector’s flexible end. Start the inspection at the end of the aircon pipes and hold the flexible end of the detector 0.5 inch from the pipe.

5. Put the detector’s flexible end down the pipe.
Be deliberate in your motions. Once it detects a leak, you will hear an alarm sound. Move the flexible end up and down the pipe for a more careful inspection of the pipe. Keep it steady at about 0.5 inch above the pipes to avoid missing out on any leak. Continue using the chalk as a marker of any leak that you find.

Types of Leak Detectors

Whether you do the detection or an experienced plumber does, the electronic leak detector is certainly necessary.
In fact, it is the most common detection tool because it is easy to use. It can also pinpoint the leaks accurately to the extent that it can help you find small leaks that would have been completely disregarded. Just make sure to follow its manual to use it properly and effectively locate leaks.

Ultrasonic leak detectors for aircon units are relatively new and more expensive.
They can spot leaks using sound waves. They just listen for the sound of Freon or air escaping through the pipes and pinpoint the leaks right away. But this type of detector only works on units that are heavily pressurized and in a completely quiet environment. That is why this option may not be ideal for most homes because of the conditions that it requires for it to work.

Another technique that can be used to test aircon pipe leaks is the ultraviolet dye leak detector.
This is also a popular method that relies on ultraviolet dye. A leaky air conditioning unit would also release the ultraviolet dye along with the air, water, or Freon. However, an ultraviolet flashlight or ultraviolet lamp is also necessary in spotting the leaking dye. The use of multiple tools and UV dye makes this detection method the most complex one among all the available options, not to mention the messiest one there is. However, it is considered a reliable method of testing the air conditioning unit pipe for leaks.

How Aircon Companies can Help

It is not practical or healthy to not use an air conditioning unit under the sweltering heat of Singapore.
You can save yourself from the risk of suffering a heat stroke or general discomfort by making sure that your AC unit’s leaks are fixed. Hiring expert technicians to do the repair would be a good idea.

You can rely on aircon company specialists to fix the leaks right away and restore the cool temperature in your home or at the office. It will not only make you productive as you work and finish your chores in cool comfort, but it will save you money in the long run. The longer it takes for you to have the leak repaired, the more damage the unit will incur. If you don’t want to buy an expensive aircon replacement just yet, make sure to have the leaks detected and repaired right away.
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