How To Uninstall Your Aircon Like A Professional

  An air condition unit is one of the most important items for any property in Singapore. The hot and humid tropical climate that this country experiences, definitely requires a conditioned environment to live in comfortably. For this reason, aircon's have found a broad use in this country both in commercial and residential places, and it is almost impossible to do with it especially during the day. But like any other equipment in a room, you need to have some basic knowledge about its operation. The knowledge is very vital especially if the aircon becomes faulty and you have no technician on site to attend to it immediately. What if you need to replace your aircon? How can you uninstall an air conditioner like a pro without any problem?

Uninstall Aircon

Uninstalling an aircon can very easy if you have the necessary information on how to do it. Likewise, it can be very tough if you have no information about it. You do not have to be a qualified technician to do this but with simple steps, you can uninstall an air conditioner very quickly and safely. Here are some basic steps on how to uninstall your aircon like a professional,

• Switch/Turn off Power

Switching off power is the first thing that you must do when you are uninstalling your air conditioner. Electrical power can be very dangerous if you come into contact with it especially if you are not a trained technician. Make sure that the equipment if completely dead by disconnecting all the power supply feeding it. This way you be free from fatal accidents like electrocution that can cause instant death if not well care off. Ensure that no cables or wires from the power source to the device just for your own safety and that of the aircon.

• Remove the copper pipes

Most of the aircon units have both the exterior and the interior systems, but all are connected by copper pipes. There are no ways that you can uninstall an aircon professionally when you already have both of them connected. You will end up spending too much time but just doing nothing of importance. You need to unscrew the copper pipes which connects both of them so that you can uninstall each unit separately. By this, it will be easy to uninstall of the aircon, and it will save you a lot of time to accomplish that assignment.

• Remove the Aircon front

After you have a switch or turned off all the other power supply and both sets of air conditioners are not connected by the copper pipes, then you can start removing the front of the aircon. It is the initial step that allows you get the access to the interior parts of the aircon. Removing the front should be done with a lot of care to ensure that you have not tampered with the internal components of the devices. This more like removing the face of the aircon and at this stage you need to have a bucket or tray beneath of the aircon unit to catch the spills from the refrigerant.

Uninstall Aircon

• Remove the fins and the motor

After you have removed the front, then you can have the access to the air condition’s inner components. From the inside set, you need to remove the motor and the fins that are mostly used for cool purposes. The motor is essentially wired from the source, but you need to ensure that you have correctly disconnected the cables from the from the aircon shell. The fins that are copper-made should also be removed in a manner that it is not destroyed. Allow the fins to empty itself of refrigerant freely. The two parts are very crucial for the performance of the aircon, and they can be modified to repair a faulty air conditioner.

• Remove the metal shell

After removing the motor and the fins, the only thing that will be left will be the metal shell on the wall. This will be the easiest thing to remove as you only need a wonder bar to pry it out off the wall. It is the last part of uninstalling the interior part of the air conditioner. One thing that you will note is that there will be a hole that will be left behind, and you can use it to fix a replacement of the same model or similar models of the aircon. If you are not interested in replacement of the aircon, then you can fill the hole with cement or cover it.

• Remove the outside unit

If your conditioner has both the interior and the exterior, then you must uninstall both of them. The outside unit is mostly places at a higher level from the ground, and thus you need to have proper and adequate tools and equipment to uninstall it. You must have a ladder to enable you reach the height at which the air conditioner is placed at for your safety and that of aircon. Remove all the pipes and the wires that are connected to it and then unscrew it from the wall safely to prevent it from falling off. After this, you will have accomplished the uninstalling of your aircon work professionally.

• Proper storage

After you now completely uninstalled the air conditioner set, then you need to store them properly. Ensure that they have been installed in a place where the parts are free from damage and destruction. Remember that some of these parts as the fins are very delicate and thus requires being stored in a very smart place where they are free from any form of destruction.

With these steps, you can uninstall your air conditioner professionally with no difficulty at all. It is very easy and simple to accomplish the task within a very short time. All you need to do is to ensure that you have the right tools and equipment to ensure that you have accomplished the assignment professionally. It is very important to read the aircon manual to have some of the basic information about the model you are about to uninstalled. If there is any difficulty, it is advisable to contact a professional technician to help out to avoid any destruction or injuries.

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