7 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Aircon Ledge For HDB


 Air conditioners play a huge role in the house and they can either be installed inside the house or outside. When they are installed outside the house, they are usually fixed on the external wall. Nevertheless, it is important to know that when they are installed in the house, they ought to be fixed using an aircon ledge. The aircon ledge will basically be used to hold the air conditioner in place. It is generally the support of the air conditioner, which must be installed in case the air conditioner is to be placed on the wall. There are a number of mistakes that people make when they are installing these ledges on their HDB units. Here are most of the mistakes made;


1. Choosing The Wrong Material 
There are various dealers of air conditioners in Singapore who have various accessories for the aircon. Some of the accessories include the aircon ledge, which are made using various materials. It is advised to select a ledge with the right material, which will be able to support the air conditioner, regardless of the size and weight. A metallic ledge is the most recommended, but one must pick them according to ability to withstand the heavy weight of the air conditioner. There are some materials that might not be very strong to carry the air conditioner for a longer time. Since the aircon is set to stay in that particular position for a longer time, it is intimated to get a ledge with a strong material.

2. Not Measuring The Size Of The Aircon
Another fault that many people make is that they fail to measure the size of the aircon, before finding the right ledge for it. It is always advised to ensure that you have taken the measurements of the aircon, prior to installing the ledge. Usually, if you do no have the right size of the ledge, you might end up having an air conditioner that is too big or too small for the ledge. Even though the aircon ledge is supposed to be offering support for the air conditioner, it is somewhat a part of the unit. That means that it should be of a standard size with the aircon. The ledge shouldn’t be too large, because it will look awkward on the wall. It should also not be too small, since it might not offer the exact support for the unit. 

Installing Aircon

3. Installing It In A Wrong Place Or Position 
Once the aircon ledge has been installed, the next thing that follows is that the air conditioner will then be fitted. For that, if the ledge has been installed in a wrong position, it will mean that everything will be complicated. For instance, if the ledge is placed too low, then there is a higher risk of people knocking their heads. And if it is placed facing a wrong direction. The room might not be well circulated with the right flow of air. 

4. Installing The Ledge Loosely
The air conditioner is a very delicate unit that needs care when you need to install it. For that, it requires that you firmly install the aircon ledge in order to avoid accidents in the future. Suppose the air conditioner is installed loosely, it will stand a bigger chance of falling off in the future. This can be fatal, especially if someone is near the aircon. The air conditioner itself will fall and that will be the end of it. You will be risking a person’s life when you install the aircon ledge loosely. Other than the life of a person, you will also be risking spoiling the aircon forever, in case it falls down. There can also be a number of electric shocks when the electrical wires are cut. 

5. Lacking The Necessary Equipments 
Like any other accessory, the aircon ledge needs the right set of equipments to install it, in order to be stable enough. It is required that one must have all the necessary tools and equipments that will help in installing the ledge. The tools will help you to know if the ledge is placed in the right angle and you will also be able to fit it in the required manner, ensuring that it is tightly fitted. 

Air Con Ledge

6. Not Consulting Professional 
Another major mistake that is made by people is when they install the aircon without finding help from the professionals. It is highly recommended to ensure that you know what you do, before you can start installing the air conditioner. That is why you should always contact an expert whenever you need to install the aircon ledge. It is important to ensure that you have consulted a professional, especially if you believe you cannot handle the work on your own. But if you think you cannot handle it completely, then you can always hire a responsible company to install the air conditioner for you. This will help to avoid any unnecessary faults in the future. 

7. Not Learning The Rules And Codes Of The Aircon Ledge 
The aircon ledge is a property that is managed and maintained by the Town Council. For that, inasmuch as the ledge is in your HDB unit, you must understand that the Town Council is the one responsible for its maintenance. That implies that, you must follow all the rules that are linked to the ledge perfectly. It is expected that you follow all the rules and regulations. Too many people ignore any code that is linked to the aircon ledge that is installed in their HDB unit. As a result, they end up failing to take care of the ledge as expected. 

Before installing the aircon ledge, it is required that one must ensure that they understand all the requirements needed by the Town Council, related to the aircon. This will help to avoid any future faults that might happen. It is also advised to seek professional help whenever you need to install the aircon ledge. A reliable aircon company will be equipped with the right tools to carry out, whichever job that is needed in the installation of an air conditioner and its accessories. Always learn the basics, in case you need to install the ledge on your own.


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