New Aircon VS Second Hand Aircon Installation


Sometimes the environment of equatorial Singapore becomes too hot that you cannot survive without an aircon. In such situation while considering new aircon vs second hand aircon installation you should focus on focus on the tips provided here under the to find the most suitable one for your home or office in Singapore.


Know about the BTU of the aircon:
BTU or British Thermal Unit helps in knowing the cooling capacity of the aircon. Instead of choosing between new and second hand aircon you should focus on their BTU. If the BTU of your aircon is according to your needs then you can use it for cooling your home without overloading it. it will also help in controlling your power bill. You can easily calculate the BTU required by your home through various BTU calculators available online just by entering the dimensions of your room and approximate information about the insulation used.

Know the consumption of energy:
Whether you choose a new aircon or a second hand one but it should be energy efficient. The energy consumption of an aircon can be measured in terms of EER or Energy Efficiency Ratio. An aircon with 10 EER is considered to be a standard one. if its EER increases with just a point you can save 10% on your electricity bill. EER of new aircon's is normally displayed through stars on it. if it has five star rating on its EER label then it can be the most energy efficient aircon. But it can be a bit expensive to buy an aircon with higher EER. So you should also consider your budget while buying an aircon in Singapore.

Select between Split and window aircon:
A window aircon unit can be installed without requiring any kind of pipe installation. It can be installed directly in the wall of the room through a hole as it is a self contained aircon system. Split aircon unit, on the other hand, requires pipe installation to complete the unit. In fact a slit unit contains two parts indoor fan coil unit and outdoor condensing unit. Both of these units are to be connected through pipeline to give cool air in your home. Moreover split units are quieter than window units due to the difference in their designs.

Aircon Installation

Select between inverter and non-inverter aircon units:
Non-inverter aircon are more affordable than inverter aircon's as their motor and compressor can be operated at single speed. Though these aircon's are easy to install but they are a bit noisier and use more electricity with large variations in the atmospheric temperature. The inverter aircon's, on the other hand, are more eco-friendly as they consume 30-50% less electricity than non-inverter aircon's. In fact they control the speed of their compressor according to the change in temperature which helps in reducing their energy consumption.

Type of split system:
If you prefer split aircon installation then you will have to choose from their different types. Two types of split aircon's are available in Singapore- 3+1 Multi split + Single Split System and 4 Multi split System. 3+1 Multi split + Single Split system is recommended for the places where you want to use 4 or more indoor units at a time on the same compressor but it will reduce cooling on all the units. Moreover they can be a bit expensive systems as they require two compressors to work together for effective cooling at all the points. 4 multiple system, on the other hand, is recommended for the places where you do not want to operate all the units simultaneously. It can provide more cooling for your home as well as save your money by reducing the cost of one compressor.

Refrigerants used:
While comparing new aircon vs second hand aircon installation you should also focus on the refrigerants sued in them. Normally two types of refrigerants R22 and R410a are used as cooling liquids in most of the aircon's used in residential areas in Singapore. But the use of R22 in new aircon's has been banned since 2010 due to its harmful effect on the environment.

Other features:
There are certain other features on which you should focus while choosing aircon installation of new or second hand units. These features may include:


Programmer timer:
People generally use two of its functions to control their aircon remotely. They use it to turn on their aircon in advance to cool their home before they reach and to turn it off after the fell asleep. You can check the range of change in temperature your remote programmer timer can provide you.
Slide-out filter: This feature helps in cleaning your aircon easily. An indicator to warn about dirty filter is also provided in certain models.

Speed and direction of the fan:
You should focus on this feature while purchasing any aircon also as some of their models give better flow of air than others.

Facilities offered by popular brands:
Various popular brands established in Singapore since long offer different types of facilities to attract new customers. Some of the offer high quality performance and high comfort at their living place through latest technological innovations whereas others may offer silencing and energy saving techniques to reduce your power bill while making a comfortable environment in your home. Similarly some other offer certain new features to set your aircon at the best possible setting without bothering additionally. So you should compare the features, prices and facilities offered by the brand while investing on aircon installation in Singapore.

Last but not the least feature to be considered while buying an aircon in Singapore is its warranty. Most of the brands offer one year warranty on the repair of parts and labour, except servicing, and five years warranty for the compressor of their aircon. But this warranty is available only on new aircon.

After considering all the factors discussed in this write-up for new vs second hand aircon installation it is recommended to buy a new aircon after 7-10 years in Singapore as it can be more affordable than frequently spending on the repairing of the used one.


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