Tips on Maintaining Your Aircon Gas

Air conditioner works in the same way as the refrigerator. The minor difference between the two is that the refrigerator is used to preserve food in a cool space but an air conditioner controls the humidity of the air in a larger area.

Air Con Gas

It operates with the assistance of three interconnected parts mainly a condenser, a compressor, and an evaporator. While the compressor and a condenser are placed outside the room, the evaporator is placed inside the room.

It also uses a chemical that can easily convert the gas to liquid and then back again. The gas used to convert the heat in the interior of the room to the exterior air.

The compressor as well as the condenser help in turning the liquid to air and from air to liquid, the evaporator is of assistance in letting cool air into the room.

Gas and air conditioning work together in maintaining the eco-friendly environment. When there is an issue in the ecosystem that affects the functioning of the ozone layer, the environment will not be polluted in any way for the gas invented for use in aircon does not in any cause harm to the surroundings.

Till now the same type of gas is used in the air conditioner. Most times Natural gas, a combination of methane is also used. This also reduces the temperature and also the consumption of electricity.

The researchers are still on board to keep the track of the gas usage and its consumption. This is continued again and again to keep the temperature cool.

Maintain the eco-friendly environment

Can anyone enjoy a film in a hot climatic condition? Perfectly the answer would be no.

The air conditioner is considered as a comfort maker in many ways. The air conditioner is used almost in all places such as homes, businesses and even commercial places too. The air conditioner and a heater work in the same phase, only the action is reversible i.e. heating and cooling.

The use of gas in an air conditioner has so many advantages. First, it is energy efficient and economical which means it reduces 30% - 50% of the energy usage. This usage help in another way due to minimal ductwork and hence low in maintenance.

Air Con Gas

Also, it maintains the quality of the air. Gas and air conditioning are combined together to maintain their reliable service. When there is a way to prevent excess spending, many would prefer the safest way of spending.

Although almost everyone uses air conditioners these days, few people know how to maintain it. Maintenance does not only imply the periodic servicing of the unit, but you should also take care of it regularly for it to run smoothly. As an air conditioner is a unit which has air passing through it, it is only obvious that a lot of germs and minute insects will also gain entry into the house if it is not cleaned regularly. And they are enough to cause malicious ailments in children and in the elderly. Moreover, a unit which is not cleaned regularly has dirt accumulated on the filters, which prevents the free passage of air and this makes the motor work fast, which means that greater electricity is consumed and this automatically results in higher electricity bills.

The common mistake that almost everyone makes is that they only clean it before the summers, or whenever they use it. It is essential that you take care of the air conditioner even when it is not is used for it to function smoothly when the time comes. So even in the winters, open the air conditioner and clean it. Or else, the components may become defunct from not being in use for a prolonged period of time and you will end up paying for repairs and replacement of parts for a more or less new unit. If you are not sure how it is to be done, then you can read the manual for minor cleaning. However, if you come across any discrepancy then it is best to call the expert and never try to fix it yourself, based on guesswork.

The main components of the air conditioner is the compressor and the cooling coils. Make sure that the coils are clean. They can be done by splashing water after they have been removed. Clean coils help in faster and efficient cooling and consume less power. Air vents should also be kept clean and in case they are not you will notice water running through them.

The compressor of the air conditioner should also be kept free from dirt, and you can clean it by using a water hose and applying water with pressure. And to prevent the further accumulation of dirt, you can simply cover it with a piece of cloth when not in use, like in winters. The air conditioner panels should also have tight screws to prevent them from opening.

Air conditioner gas maintenance can be costly. While the homeowners can only service and maintain the air conditioner within a given limit, that narrows the scope of maintenance, still, the tips here help you to get your air conditioning unit optimized, inexpensively.

Here are top-notch tips for maintaining your aircon gas

Tip #1
Unplug the unit from its power source. See to it that no electricity reaches the air conditioner.

Remove the bezel and filter of the air conditioning unit. When you remove the filter, you get to see the cooling coils of the air conditioner. In some models, full access to the inside coil can only be gained when the bezel or the front cover of the coil is removed. The cover is screw-secured. You can see and remove the screws after removing the filter.

Spray the cleaning agent. The particular aeration and cooling system curl cleaners are sold at numerous home supply focuses and the home stops. Use of the cleaners will remove all the adverse and unbearable odors from the coils and the air-conditioning unit. These occur because of mildew, mold, dirt and cigarette smoke, among other contaminants. See to it that the spray foam does not reach the electrical wires, the electrical controls and the other parts of the air conditioner. The spray foams work the best.

Air Con Gas


The coils of the aircon that are outside are not covered so they get into contact with rainwater. Hence, they get cleaned without any efforts. You can shut the unit off once again and search for the dirty and dusty areas. If you find them, then use the foam spray cleaner for cleaning them. Let the cleaner sit for around 15 minutes. Do not directly put a water stream within the coils through the water hose, but allow the spray foam to get floated away when the water is run over the outdoor coils.


Replace the filter and the cover, and then turn on the power of the air-conditioner after around 15 minutes. Set the settings to "cool" and then adjust the conditioner's thermostat to its coldest setting. The foam and the dirt will get rinsed this way and will be collected in the drip-pan.


Repeat the process once again if you do not get satisfying results.


The filter can be cleaned easily with clean water. If it is damaged, then you need to replace it. If the filter is filled with dirt and other contaminants, then it may also be contributing towards the generation of false odor. You can use a scent containing dish soap or some laundry detergent, for cleaning the filter.


Reconnect the unit to its power source, set to "cooling" and then adjust the thermostat for a low-temperature setting. The flow should be "cold" and devoid of any kinds of false odors.

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