What Causes The Haze In Singapore?

  It can be so uncomfortable if the weather condition of a place is unfavourable. Mostly if the condition is visual and affects the fresh oxygen for inhaling. In Singapore, there has been a condition that has affected the locals in many ways that it has forced the government to come in between. This condition is haze, which is basically an atmospheric incident whereby smoke, dust or any other dry particles affect the sky simplicity.

Haze In Singapore

The Causes
- Local Farmers:

The existence of large and small-scale farmers has been held responsible for the current choking smoke that smothers Singapore. The farmers buy unlimited land access for using oil palm and they clear by mostly burning that has been abandoned by the government. There has been findings at the World Agro forestry Center that has shown a group of local land investors who are non-governmental operators who have become difficult to limit.

How they do it
The investors get the land under casual rules at the lower local level and by doing so, they overrule the land-use system of Government. The farmers employ their own labor in order to tidy the land for oil palm despite of the formal government status of the land and without any permits of performing the actions.

- International Neighbours:

Indonesia is attempting to hold back the furious forest fires that are bringing about the thick smoke that envelopes Singapore. The government has taken measures in dispatching choppers to the severely affected regions in order to create imitation rain. The government's plan is to kernel the clouds usually during the wet seasons in order to produce rain above the forestland that is on fire.

The fire fighters who are on the ground work thoroughly in order to put out the fire, however, the fire has extended to the peat lands and this has been hard to control the blaze. There has been officials who have objected the lack of resources and they claim that they are in desperate need of rain to help them.

The weather agency of Indonesia claims that there will no be any rain any time soon, however, Singapore has urged the country to work hard on getting solution to that. It has also given Indonesia with aircraft to assist in cloud-seeding strategies which gets drawbacks since there must be sky in order for the operation to work.

Haze In Singapore

Solution of the Problem

- Government Regulations:

The government and other organizations have put in a number of safety measures that is aimed at reducing the haze exposure. The majority of the amendments was aimed at limiting the outdoor practices. School institutions and other childcare started limiting the number of outdoor activities since it was publicized that if the situation of the haze degenerates, then the schools will be shut down and there would be an issuance of a stop-work order by the Ministry of Manpower Singapore. Together with the amendments of the government, talks with the Indonesian government commenced.

- The Indonesian government is expected to decree that combustion can only happen in October after the North East monsoon has commenced. That will help to reduce burning as it is a cause of haze occurrence and majorly affects the normal living of the locals.

- Pay the companies for their needs:

It is good to pay for the solution and in relation to the damage that poses to the economy of Singapore in the billions, it can be economical to pay the companies to help them to clear the land that they need to use. However much this could be extremely expensive, it is a win to both the government and the investors. The owners of the plantations would inflict much pain to the locals in terms of hazardous weather conditions and the government in terms of money.

- Another way is to use an air conditioner to clear the air in the house by purifying it. That will help, especially during the wet seasons that usually experience a lot of combustion.

Generally, the major cause of haze in Singapore is combustion of land which either come from the locals or international neighbouring countries. However, the solution for such problems is taken by the locals and the government in order to cut down the uncontrollable existence of haze in the air.

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