What Is Daikin Smart Phone Control Aircon?


  A Daikin smart phone control aircon is a ducted air conditioner that can be controlled by a Smartphone through an intelligent digital thermostat or an Android compatible application. In order to introduce this facility in its ducted aircons Daikin has introduced latest devices, ENVi, an Intelligent Thermostat, and an android compatible interface, SKYFi, to allow the residential setups to control their aircons remotely. Both of these remote controlling options, which can enable your Smartphone to control your aircon remotely in Singapore, are briefly described here under for your consideration. 


Dakin intelligent Thermostat-ENVi

ENVi is the latest addition made by Dakin to offer controls of its air conditioner to the residential setups through their Smartphone. It is a wall mounted device that contains easy to understand menu items along with a LCD display with backlight to control all the settings of personal comfort including weekly programming, temperature, weather forecast and even vacation schedules.

The best feature of ENVi is that it is Wi-Fi enabled which allows you to access this device through your Smartphone, computer or tablet by using internet even while sitting away from your air conditioner. In this way Daikin smart phone control allows you to make changes in the settings of you aircon even while staying away from it by using a personalised and safe web interface. 

Features of ENVi Daikin smart phone control

User-friendly: ENVi is a Wi-Fi enabled user friendly thermostat that you can use to make adjustments in your air conditioner by using your Smartphone, computer or tablet, even if you are away from your home. Its user friendly interface and easy-to-read display with high resolution colour make it easy for you to adjust your settings, create new events for vacations and setup your personalised programs from anywhere and anytime. 

Energy saving: The weekly scheduling program of ENVi thermostat allows you to save lots of energy while controlling your aircon remotely through your Smartphone. In this way this user friendly interface helps in reducing your power consumption and utility bills considerably. 

Easy accessibility: You can easily access your secure web page and your personal account to manage all the aspects of ENVi thermostat after installing it at your residential aircon. And all these facilities can be availed without any additional charges, which an additional benefit of this thermostat.

Intelligent working: The built-in weather function of ENVi thermostat assures you about its energy saving capabilities, as much as possible, by using advanced algorithms. When the service of Dakin ENVi will be due or the equipment is not working properly or when its filter has to be changed the automatic alarms and reminders provided in this thermostat alert you efficiently.


Daikin android app SKYFi

SKYFi is an android and iOS compatible application that allows your android or iOS compatible devices including Smartphone or tablets manage your air conditioner through Daikin smart phone control system. Now you can control your aircon from anywhere and at anytime by using your smart devices through Wi-Fi network or internet. The frequently used functions of your ducted aircon will now be on your fingertips with the help of this easy to use app with user friendly interface, SKYFi. 

You can contact authorised dealer of Dakin to install SKYFi to control your ducted Daikin aircon through Smartphone or other android devices. Along with controlling your aircon this app will also allow you to control various other standard functions available on it through the wall mounted panel of Dakin remote control system. The functions u can easily monitor and set through this app may include off/on button, fan speed control, temperature control and operation mode.

There are certain other functions which you can also control through this app include configuration settings, easy time setting, maintenance functions and contact details of the dealer. It can also provide information about the name and location of remote control dampers of the zone if Daikin zone controller in installed in your aircon. With some models of Daikin air conditioners this app also displays outdoor and indoor temperatures. 

If local Wi-Fi network or internet is not available at your home then the interface of SKYFi will support a single Wi-Fi connection by acting as a Wi-Fi access point through your android device, if it is within the range. 

On the other hand you can easily configure the SKYFi interface from the app to connect your home with local Wi-Fi network by entering its ID and password, if your local Wi-Fi network is available nearby your home. In this way you can use various android devices to access and control your aircon along with retaining their accessibility to other devices on that Wi-Fi network. 

This app can control your aircon anytime from anywhere in this world through your android device the range of internet, if you have a permanent Wi-Fi connection at your home. In order to avail these services you will have to pay the charges of accessing local Wi-Fi network whereas you need not pay any subscription cost to Daikin. 


But you must have a compatible Air Conditioner from Daikin along with Daikin Wi-Fi Remote Control Interface BRP15A61 to avail the benefits of SKYFi. It should also be fitted with a Daikin Zone Controller and linked zone control dampers o use zone control functionality of this app.

The Daikin air conditioners which are compatible to this Daikin smart phone control application may include most of their ducted aircons with ducted split systems along with some of the light commercial aircons which are not older than 10 years. 

Features of Daikin SKYFi

- On/off control button
- Mode control button
- Fan speed control button
- Zone control option
- Temperature control button
- Temperature display setting
- Custom names of zone 
- Easy set timer on
- Easy set timer off
- Display for outside temperature
- Filter clean reminder


Thus by using an Intelligent Thermostat, Daikin ENVi, or an android compatible interface, SKYFi, you can easily control your Daikin air conditioner through your Smartphone and other android compatible devices like tablets and laptops. Your Daikin smart phone control aircon will allow you to control it from anywhere in this world at anytime with ease.



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