Why We Need Aircon Overhaul Service

Aircon Overhaul
Reasons For Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Your air conditioner should be pampered with maintenance services just like your car. Depending on its usage, the frequency varies. For a heavy user, 4 times a year servicing package would be the ideal. But if you only utilize your air conditioner once in a while, then twice a year servicing is probably good enough.

But what happens if you have been so busy that you had overlooked many things, including your air conditioner's preventive maintenance services. You suddenly realized that your air conditioners have been operating for several years without a single maintenance. And each time you switched on the air conditioner, you smell foul odour coming from the indoor fan coil. This is a typical sign telling you that your air conditioner badly needs a chemical cleaning. In most cases, a very thorough chemical overhaul to recondition your system to its original state is recommended. The stench actually comes from bacteria inhabiting in its favourite dim humid settings within the indoor fan coils, a very high chance that your system is severely clogged.

During chemical overhaul process, the air conditioner is dismantled to be chemically cleaned. It is one form of preventive maintenance that air conditioner owners can take up even if their system is still functioning well. What happens during this event is that parts are dismantle, cleaned and visually inspected for early signs of failures, particularly parts that are prone to wear. Identified failed parts will be replaced, thereby preventing aggravation into more serious problems down the road. It helps to restore the condition to near original state so that your air conditioner can operate at optimal performance. In a nutshell, an overhaul prolongs the lifespan of your air conditioner and adds several years of trouble free assurance. It prevents you from having to spend unwanted high repair costs.

Here's the "what and why" servicemen do in an overhaul service.

1. Cleaning of internal air filter
This is to ensure that the air generated will be cleaner and hygienic, thus lessening the chance to develop allergies and unwanted sickness. It can also promote better energy efficient operation.

2. Clearing dust from internal fan
It is one form of ensuring that the air generated is free from dust.

3. Inspecting & lubricating fan bearings
The purpose is to eliminate noisy operation so that you can fully enjoy your sleep. When unusual noise and vibration is detected, fan bearings will be inspected and replaced. Grease filling will also be carried out to lubricate bearings and to block dust and water from coming inside. This cannot happen if greasing is not enough. The right amount of application should be such that a tiny amount sips out from the gaps between bearings.

4. Flushing drainage system with chemicals
Chemicals are flushed down the drainage system to prevent water leaks.

5. Cleaning coil with chemical solvent
Chemical solvent is used to remove accumulated dust and grease from the coil. This will improve heat transfer and generate cleaner air.

6. Removing coil from wall unit before chemical washing
To allow for a more complete wash, it is necessary to first remove the coil from the wall. This will leave a cleaner coil with no harmful chemical residue afterwards.


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