Why You Need To Invest And Service Your Air Conditioning Unit

Clean and fresh air is paramount for healthy living. Whether it is an office, residential or commercial premise, we need cool and refreshed air for maximum comfort all day long. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that, our air conditioning units are properly maintained and serviced at all times. We cannot refute the importance of a well-functioning air conditioning unit in Singapore. There are times when external environmental conditions tend to compromise the comfort in our premises.

Air Conditioning Unit

Some of the delightful reasons why you should invest in a good air conditioning service include:

Indoor air purification

Summer can be scorching and tends to force dust and pollen make their way indoors. Living in a home or working in an office filled with dust can be very unbearable. An air conditioning unit helps in the removal of dust, fungi and other allergens. If you are allergic to pollen and other dust particles, then it is vital to have a good functioning air conditioning unit to keep these allergens under control. These particles get trapped before they can enter your premise.

To reduce summer cooling bills

There is nothing more disorienting than living in a home with baking temperatures. It not only makes living intolerable but also damages other stuff in a building. Properly functioning ACs are efficient in cutting down cooling bills during roasting summer temperatures. It feels good to work and live in a home with suitable room temperatures. Summer can be very harsh in Singapore, and if it finds you with a broken air conditioner, then you might regret. Places such as intensive care hospitals, warehouses, operation theaters, hotels, restaurants, airports, and storehouses require proper temperature control as well.

Reduce fatigue

Did you know that intense heat can lead to headaches and fatigue? Excessive heat during summer can consume more of your body’s energy, and you can get dehydrated more quickly. The surest way of fighting fatigue is by setting up an air conditioner to control room temperatures.

Boosts Profit margins

The effects of extremely high summer temperatures extent to stock damage. If you have stuff in store, then high temperatures can speed up their expiry leading to losses. However, by investing in a good air conditioning unit, you can dramatically curb down such effects.

Air Conditioning Unit

Eliminate nuisance thus improving productivity

Apart from high temperatures, insects and other outdoor agents can pose a significant nuisance in a building. Most of us keep windows and doors open when temperatures rise. It allows dust, insects and other harmful particles from outside which can divert the attention of employees in an office. However, with a good AC, you can still attain the comfort you want without necessarily opening your doors and windows.

Ignoring your AC maintenance is like giving way to more and more problems. Air conditioning is a connection of several processes, and an imbalance in one of the parts can bring the entire unit to a halt. Air conditioners are prone to damage especially when they are working in optimal states. Vibration, temperature swings, fluctuations in voltages, insect trappings and dirt clippings make it necessary to service your AC on an annual basis.

When maintaining your air conditioner, there are critical parts that you need to consider. They include:
Air filters

Air filters require regular cleaning. Remember that this is where dirt, dust and other particles get trapped. Dirt filled air filters may not function efficiently. It may also consume power unusually due to inefficiencies. Most of the faults in air conditioning units result from lack of proper cleanliness. Air filter needs to function well so as to protect the components inside the unit. Unclean air filter makes the system work hard making it less efficient. If you don’t clean your air filter, it may call for a premature replacement. It is advisable to check your air filter regularly to determine when you need to clean or replace.

Air flow inside and outside

Consistent and powerful air flow is essential for any air conditioner. A system with poor air flow is a clear sign of a blocked coil or failing fan. For proper diagnosis, it is paramount to call an engineer who can investigate the problem properly.

Air Conditioning Unit


The thermostat is responsible for temperature regulation. In fact, it is the brain and logical part behind every air conditioning unit. It is another trivial part of an AC that needs regular maintenance. You set your thermostat based on the requirements of your room. This may vary depending on the size of your room. Thermostats are programmable, and this does not mean that they are damage proof. They too require a diagnosis to ensure that they are working optimally. A broken thermostat might be a sign of a mechanical problem and should be addressed accordingly. Again, if it has been long since you used your unit, then it is good to check if your unit is stuck on one setting. This may be a problem in our reverse valve, and you should call a professional for help.

Sound produced by an air conditioner

Change in the sound of your AC might be a telltale sign for need for maintenance. Wear and tear are common and can lead to further damage to your unit. If you ignore that unusual sound produced by your unit, then you are risking losing your unit or spending too much in repairs.

Rust and corrosion need early repair

The outdoor unit of any AC is prone to rust and corrosion. If there is any sign of rust, don’t ignore it as it can eat and eventually damage your entire unit. In the case of severe corrosion, call a professional for assistance. When checking for signs of corrosion, consider both inside and outside of your unit.


We depend on air conditioners both at home and workplaces to stabilize the indoor air quality. However, we fail to know that all aspects of your air conditioner are vital for proper performance. It is vital to dedicate your time to check your air con system for the ultimate comfort of your home. It can save you money on expensive repair parts.

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