Why Your Aircon Is Blowing Hot Air?


If you live in Singapore, then you know too well how the aircon is an indispensable asset to you. That cooling unit that you have in your home has to have its parts fully functional in order for you to realize efficient home cooling. When a single component of the aircon fails to work, the entire unit could potentially break down. A typical scenario that many people observe in the course of using their air cooling machines is blowing hot air. This could be as a result of several issues such as malfunction of a component or a leak of the refrigerant.


The next step after a malfunction is usually to do a quick self-diagnosis. Most people just observe their aircon hoping to find a solution. Others will quickly look for the services of the repairman. Either way, it is vital that you understand all the possible causes of the aircon blowing hot air.
Below are the main reasons why your aircon could be blowing hot air:

- Refrigerant leak
A refrigerant leak accounts for the reason most aircon's blow hot air. There are many other reasons why the refrigerant leak occurs, but you are less likely to realize at that instant. If it happens today, you will not probably notice even if you are sitting right next to it until the following day. Unfortunately, there isn't an exact reason that can be attributed to the leak of your refrigerant. One possible explanation would be that one of the joints broke loose as a result of heavy use.

Additionally, the fault could lie in the manufacturer's poor assembly of the unit. Whereas this could be a rare sight especially for those respected brands, assemblers often make mistakes of misplacing some parts, therefore causing a fault in the working of your aircon. A worn service valve also explains why the aircon blows hot air. The problem emanates from heavy use and is often random and unpredictable. When the outside unit is damaged, the system suffers wear and tear on a variety of service valves.

The solution to a refrigerant leak lies in proper servicing. To prevent more future leaks, keep a watchful eye on your AC unit especially for those periods when you turn it off and on randomly. Bear in mind that refrigerants are dangerous, and you should always leave them to a professional. Do not venture too far into the associated components.

Blowing Hot Air

- Drop in aircon temperature
Interestingly, many homeowners do not know that their AC units become very cold until they cease to work. Well, not exactly freezing into a block of ice, but the unit falling below the standard environmental temperatures. This is a common occurrence that is linked to most ACs blowing hot air. Many people wonder why the aircon blows hot air when its very own temperatures have fallen below the surrounding temperatures. Here is the explanation. When the temperatures drop, the evaporator coil blocks the cold temperature from flowing through the vents of the aircon machine.

What you need to understand is that inside the AC unit, condensation occurs in the coils and the sole intention is for it to evaporate afterwards. This is not always the case especially on those hot days when homeowners turn up the AC to the highest setting. Condensation builds up and freezes if the temperatures fall below 32 F. You can prevent this problem from happening by keeping the thermostat on auto at around 70. Also, be keen to observe the unit on the inside and outside surfaces. When you suspect that this is the cause of your aircon blowing hot air, call the service technician immediately.

- Blown breaker switch
As with all electrical appliances that use power, the external unit also has a power supply. The power supply unit utilizes a switch that is either on or off depending on the status of the breaker. In the absence of power, the unit never turns itself on. The outside unit does not require power to provide air circulation in your home. That is usually the work of the internal unit which probably still has power.

Power overload is a possible explanation for the breaker flipping off. This is usually a safety precaution that happens when there is too much current on the breaker. At the same time, the aircon sucks a lot of power in its functioning process, hence the blowing of the breaker switch. To prevent future problems arising from the switch, consult the service company so that they ensure that your ACs breaker can handle that much current.

Hot Air

- Air filters
Do you remember the last time you cleaned the air filter in your aircon? Even better, have you ever considered changing the air filter? If your answer is no, then you are the primary cause for your aircon blowing hot air. You should not wait until something goes wrong for you to act. As you may be well aware by now, air filters get dirty in the course of their functioning. For efficiency of the machine, you need to call a technician to clear blockage and replace those filters. Air filters are strategically placed there in order to catch the dirt. If they are to function optimally, they need to be clear of debris. In addition to this blockage blowing hot air, it causes a reduction in the cooling effectiveness of your system.

- Compressor
The compressor inside your aircon works by causing the refrigerant gases in the evaporator to become hot and increase their pressure. Next, the gas is taken to the compressor where it is utilized for cooling. The compressor is the heart of the aircon, without which the machine entirely fails to function. However, in many cases, the compressor is the most misdiagnosed equipment in the event a problem arises with the AC unit.
The compressor can fail under the electrical failures or overheating. Except for lighter use, there is no sure way of preventing the compressors from going bad. If you suspect that the compressor has gone bad and is the main reason your aircon is blowing hot air, call the technician immediately.

- Wiring
There are tons of wires going in and out of your aircon. A miscellaneous electrical problem may arise when a cable is frayed or damaged. This is a cause for the aircon to blow hot air and even reduce the performance of the system. If you notice that there is a wire hanging or is uncovered, do not try to cover it unless you are knowledgeable in wiring procedures. You risk an electrical shock on yourself. Just like all other problems that you are unaware of, simply make a call to your service company and they will get you sorted out.

Ultimately, maintaining your aircon in good working condition is the pre-emptive solution to many problems. When your aircon blows hot air, it points to a deeper problem than what you can see. The best solution is always to contact experts before trying out anything you are unfamiliar with.


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