Aircon Topup Gas Aircon Freon Recharge Aircon Gas Leak Repair
Aircon Topup Gas Aircon Freon Recharge Aircon Gas Leak Repair

Aircon Topup Gas | Aircon Freon Recharge | Aircon Gas Leak Repair – A gas leak in your aircon unit is an issue that needs fixing as soon as we detect it. Otherwise, the aircon team is not only at risk of not functioning correctly. It can cause damage to our health and the environment. Suppose one desire to deal with this problem so it doesn’t bring worse consequences. In that case, we will review some valuable information about aircon gas leak repair and aircon freon recharge in the following article. Read on!

What can cause a freon gas leak?

We can mention some of the most common reasons for aircon gas leakage, such as:

  • Corrosive damage in the components. Leaks may appear when an external agent corrodes the evaporator or condensing coil.
  • Improper installation. Always make sure to have your aircon unit installed by a trained technician.
  • Natural wear-and-tear in the piping. Over time, mainly if we use the aircon for more than 8 hours a day, we can expect the piping to show signs of stress, which may lead to leaks.

What can I do if my aircon unit is leaking?

First and foremost, stop using your aircon unit if you detect or suspect a freon leak. The next logical step is to call a certified aircon technician to sort out the gas leak and the top-up. Remember, this is necessary if you care about your unit’s functioning, health, and air quality. Do not try to repair the leak yourself; any attempt to do so may lead to a significant hazard.

Operating the aircon gas system without the proper tools or knowledge can worsen the issue. The entire aircon unit might need a replacement, which would cost far more than the technician’s fee for a quality service.

Regarding environmental impact, a small leak doesn’t represent a high hazard immediately. Home air conditioning units will rarely leak substantial amounts of gas. However, it would be best if you did not ignore these leaks. They may compromise your health and the aircon team if left alone.

What does a certified technician do?

certified aircon technician
certified aircon technician
1. Locate the leak

Once he arrives at your aircon unit, the certified technician will have the means to detect the exact place of the leak. The usual tool of choice is a halogen gas leak detector. This tool will specifically detect the source of the aircon gas leak. When corrosion by external agents is the issue, the technician will likely find more than a single leak. After marking the exact area that needs repair, they will proceed.

2. Remove the freon gas

Before starting the repairs, the technician will extract all the gas from the aircon. This procedure is possible thanks to a refrigerant pump. The technician will connect the pump to your aircon unit to remove the gas.

3. Fix the leak

The technician will determine if the issue is in the valves, piping, or both. If the freon leak is at a valve, the technician will clean it carefully. Then he will check the connection and test for leaks with the halogen gas detector. If the leak persists, a valve replacement is a solution. It is as simple as removing and replacing the damaged valve with a new one.

The technician must perform sealing if the leak is inside the aircon piping. This means the technician will solder the line after finding and cleaning the area. This requires the use of a high-temp solder rich in silver, as well as a torch. These leaks, most of the time, can be seen easily. If the crack or slit is small, the technician welds the line over the problem area to fix it. However, they will resort to sawing off the damaged tubing if the leak is significant. Afterward, they will take new tubing and weld it in place.

4. Aircon top-up gas

After repairing the leak, the technician will recharge the aircon unit by replacing the freon gas. It is vital to leave this job to the technician, as they will know the manufacturer’s exact specifications. Adding too much or too little freon gas will not fix the problem. It might cause new leaks or your unit to underperform. Aircon systems work optimally with the exact amount of freon or coolant gas. This is an amount well-known to the technician.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions on Aircon Gas
Frequently Asked Questions on Aircon Gas
What is the aircon gas?

An aircon unit may use different refrigerants. The gas in most units goes by R22, commonly known as Freon. Conversely, more modern units will use a variant called R410-A. Both of these, for all effects and purposes, are chlorofluorocarbon gases, also known as CFCs. These substances must be handled with extreme care. A leak can seriously threaten the people living or working on the premises. According to numerous studies, These substances also harm Earth’s ozone layer.

What are the risks of an aircon gas leak?

If freon leaks into your home, office, or storage unit, it will quickly dissipate in the air. As an airborne agent, it may cause several problems, such as nausea, sharp headaches, and even asphyxia in high concentrations. If the aircon gas directly touches your skin, you may notice a rash, significant dryness, and cracking. When inhaled in short periods, it may cause a rise in heartbeat, feelings of disorientation, and coordination loss. On the other hand, more extended exposure periods will cause worse ailments such as difficulty breathing, the sensation of asphyxiation, and uncontrollable coughing, leading to death in the most extreme cases.

How does a gas leak affect my aircon?

Even though the health and environmental risks are much more severe, the most immediate effect of a leak will affect the performance of your aircon unit. By using a leaking aircon unit, you will resent the compressor over time. The compressor must do extra work to compensate for the refrigerant gas loss. This undue stress may damage the system to the point that further repairs may mean replacing the unit. Also, expect to spend around 20% more on electricity bills if your aircon loses 10% of its freon.

Do I need to ask for an Aircon Freon Recharge with my routine cleaning?

The answer is no. Freon gas does not degrade or consume over time. The only time you will need Aircon Topup Gas is right after a leak repair.

Are you seeking a professional and reliable aircon gas top up, aircon freon recharge, or an aircon gas leak repair company? Contact us today to find out more about our services!

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Are you seeking a professional and reliable aircon gas top up, aircon freon recharge, or an aircon gas leak repair company? Contact us today to find out more about our services!