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Still thinking when to servicing aircon? To many, Singapore’s warm and humid climate means the need to have an air-conditioned environment to ensure a certain level of comfort for the human body; more so on days when the mercury level soars high. Thus, it is common to find places like offices, shopping malls, transport systems and even homes equipped with air-con units. Working under a cooler temperature has its own merits, like a better state of mental alertness and higher productivity level without the energy-draining aspect associated with working under sweltering heat. Aircon servicing is not only needed but is a part of life for Singaporean.

For Singaporeans too dependent on air-con, it would be dreadful to be in places with malfunctioning air-conditioners. Workers’ productivity and retail / F&B companies’ profits will suffer a plunge as a result. Many at home will be unable to have a good night sleep if the weather proves too warm.

As air-cons circulate the air within the room, it is important to make sure the air in circulation is clean. There may be harmful bacteria and fungus growing in the air-con fan coil units. Dirty air carries undesirable bacterial content which is harmful when breathed in. This situation is aggravated by the absence of open windows in confined spaces. Young children, including people who are asthmatic, are extremely sensitive to unclean air. They may develop allergy symptoms and fall sick if they stay for prolonged periods in an air-conditioned room. Quite frequently, a stale or foul smell may be emitted as contaminants in the air get sucked in and flow out with the airflow.

Air-cons that are not servicing regularly will not function at the manufacturer’s recommended conditions (for example, not cold enough as per the thermostat setting) and hence will lose their cooling effectiveness. Noise and vibration may also arise. Air-con leakage can occur, due to a blocked drainage system as dust particles collect on the fan coils and choke the drainage. All these will eventually lead to undue consumption of electricity, not to mention end users’ unhappiness.

Therefore, it is prudent to keep our air-con units in tip-top conditions at all times. This calls for a regular maintenance regime. Air-con servicing provided by professional air-con servicing companies comes in varying degrees, depending on the makes of air-con used, the usage levels of the end users and other environmental factors. The basic ones involve vacuuming away the accumulated dust; removing and cleaning the filters; cleaning the condenser unit, evaporator coils, the blowers wheel and fan blades, the drain pan; flushing the drain pipe; checking for noise problems, the refrigeration system and electrical components. Many servicing companies also provide chemical cleaning for the air-con units, like chemical cleansing of the evaporator coils, which helps to remove stubborn grease and stains that cannot be easily removed by general cleaning. At the same time, the technicians will also carry out checks for any damages, such as those caused by leakage of the air-con gas; as well as making sure all parts are functioning properly. In overhaul cleaning, the air-con parts are dismantled and chemically washed to rid any blockages or bacterial presence. Additionally, the air-con gas is replenished. In general, it is recommended to servicing residential air-con units once every 3 months and once per month for industrial users.

A well servicing air-con unit works at its optimal operating condition saves electricity bills, provides a clean and healthy living environment that smells fresher, minimises the need for parts replacement to repair. The lifespan of the air-con unit can also be extended. Regular maintenance is no doubt the best way to prevent any problems from arising and to ensure a consistent flow of cool, clean air to all.

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