Air-con Installation in Singapore

Want to install aircon in your home or office? Air-con usage is an integral part of our life and we are all very familiar with the operation of it and with self-functioning or pre-set options, we almost do not need to press the remote control buttons that frequently once the air-con power button is being turned on.

Hence the more important consideration is the installation of the air-con. When you consider installing an air-con, you will need to find out whether the air-con components are placed indoor or outdoor. The location that you install got to be safe and free from any cluster around. Make sure also there is free flowing of air for an indoor unit.

For an outdoor unit of the air-con, look around to ascertain that the location has no plants or flower pots next to the air-con unit and the air-con box should be firmly mounted and if it is hanged above floor level, extra safety care should be observed diligently. In addition, the air-con unit outdoors should be installed away from any possible strong wind that may shake the unit causing any unnecessary damages or repair.

Unstable air-cons mounted not only will cause imminent dangers; they will also create unwanted noise while in use. Pipes and wires for air-con installation have to be connected without any leakages, and insulation work has to be done properly to prevent any mishaps. Eventually, both pipes and wires got to be sealed up to avoid being stepped on or being able to be in contact with easily.

While engaging someone to install your air-con, make sure you are available at the spot so that any miscommunication can be avoided. Check also that the technician who does the installation job is reliable and qualified.

Once all the above steps for installing an air-con have been completed, you then move on to the final stage of test running the system. Check that your power cable is individually plugged on without sharing with other electrical appliances.

You may also want to check whether your desired air-con is eco-friendly or energy-saving by checking the label pasted which is issued by NEA or the National Environment Agency. This will help you to reduce your monthly electrical bill in future.

Air-conditoner installation will enhance your lifestyle comfortably, so be sure that you have carried out the necessary procedures recommended by our staff and with intelligent calculation of your budget while making your final choice of purchase, you would then be able to select the most cost-effective air-con you have dreamt of installing.

Check also with the staff for the right size of air-con and the suitability of installing that is required for your premises. Air-con installation could be part of the home or office décor, your air-con specialist will give you tips on that to blend your air-con nicely with your other home or office features.

After the air-con is installed, you have to maintain it also by regular checking and cleaning so that less electricity wastage can be obtained and cleaner air can be provided all the time.

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