Air-con Chemical Cleaning/Wash

Singapore is an all year hot and humid climate. Air con had become a necessity for Singaporeans. Every shopping mall that you frequent will be all air-conditioned. Not only shopping malls are equipped with air con, if you happened to notice that air con condensers can be seen at the exterior of the HDB flats. Hence, I would say, we cannot live without air con. However, do you know how to maintain and service your air con thus to have a longer shell life and not to give you any issue 5 years down the road?

Air con need to do regular service to prevent any major big issue i.e. Water leaking.
When you starts to have Aircon Water Leaking Problems, this would mean that your air con is suffering a dirt choke. If the choked is not serious, a normal chemical wash will do the trick.

Chemical washing would mean that using a specialised air con chemical to wash the fan coil or blower. These chemical will “eat” off those dirt and grimes that stubbornly stuck on the fan coil and gradually when those dirt and grimes get dissolve by the chemical, those choke can be flushed out through the air con piping.

How does this choke happen? Simply is that air con fan coil will actually generate a suction from the air in the atmosphere and thus blowing out cool air passing the fan coil to the air con filter then to your room. In the atmosphere, there are a lot impurities and pollutants, hence once those are being sucked into your air con fan coil. Gradually, if you never do any air con cleaning maintenance, that dirt and grime will be built up and thus the choke appear.

Even you had a regular cleaning contract with any Professional Air con Company, once a year chemical washing or overhaul will actually give your air con a good thorough wash off from those dirt and grimes. Take good advantage of your regular air con contract as with a contract, the air con company is able to provide a discount rate to your chemical wash or overhaul service.
However, do take note that chemical overhaul will involve of dismantling your air con from the wall and will be chemically wash part by part. By doing this way, your air con fan coil will have a thorough wash.

To conclude, doing a chemical wash or chemical overhaul would be best to leave it to the professional. As these washing need professional skilled air con technician to dismantle the air con fan coil to do the washing. By doing a chemical wash will enable you to save more on your electricity bills as the air con is using less energy to increase cooling efficiency in your room. You also save greatly on your air con maintenance fee. Lastly, would be prolong your air con life span

Singaporean air-con servicing companies offer a lot of great services. However, you will also need to know how much these services cost in order to make a truly informed decision. Aircon companies have to deal with a wide variety of air-conditioning problems, and they have structured their services to financially adapt to such problems. Therefore, you can lower your air-con maintenance and repair bill if you know how air-con servicing companies behave and how they structure their prices.

As you may have learned above, air-con repair and maintenance services are influenced by a wide variety of factors, and learning the difference between such factors can help you to save a lot of money whenever you need your aircon repaired.

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