Different Kind of Aircon Services You Must Know

When you buy an air conditioner to live or work comfortably in a hot and humid environment of Singapore then its proper maintenance becomes your responsibility. Aircon servicing or preventive maintenance of the aircon from time to time can help the homeowner to avail several benefits. In the long run, regular maintenance of your aircon can also save lots of your money and time. You can allow your aircon to work effectively and reduce your power bills by maintaining it in routine. By servicing your aircon regularly you need not spend lots of money on its repairs. Some of the different types of regular services of your aircon are listed here under for your consideration.

Aircon Services

Types of aircon servicing

Normally two types of aircon servicing are done in the air conditioning market – vacuum cleaning and chemical cleaning. Some of the service providers prefer vacuum cleaning whereas some chemical cleaning of air conditioners. Both of these aircon cleaning systems have their pros and cons. vacuum cleaning cannot be as effective as chemical cleaning as it has many limitations even if it is a faster method.

Vacuum cleaning:
It cannot remove some of the unwanted things in the ducts of air conditioner like stubborn grime, stains, grease, and fungi. So for this reason vacuum cleaning is not considered an effective way of aircon servicing.

Chemical cleaning:
The process of chemical aircon servicing is more effective because several different methods are used to clean your aircon unit effectively. The chemical treatment of an aircon can further be divided into onsite cleaning and offsite cleaning.

Onsite chemical cleaning:
When the chemicals are used to cleaning the air conditioner then it is called onsite chemical cleaning.

Offsite chemical cleaning
: When the air conditioner is overhauled by using certain chemicals then it is called offsite cleaning as it cannot be done on the spot at the location of the homeowner. The entire unit has to be removed from its location and dismantled to clean each part thoroughly by using a different type of chemicals.

Other types of aircon servicing

The entire schedule of aircon servicing can be divided on a periodic basis as well as on the basis of necessity. The routine services of an air conditioner can be divided into four segments including:

Normal service

While providing normal aircon servicing the service provider will check and clean the front panel, cover, and filter of the air conditioner. Along with cleaning and deodorizing the filter he will also check and clean the drainage system and evaporator coil of the unit. He will also check and lubricate the bearing of the fan and check the discharge pressure and suction of the compressor.

Chemical wash

In this type of aircon servicing the service provider will check and clean the front panel and cover of the aircon along with cleaning and deodorizing its filter. He will also check and clean the drainage system and evaporator coil by using certain chemicals wherever required. He will vacuum the drain channels to unclog them. He will also check and lubricate the fan bearing along with checking the discharge and suction pressure of the compressor of the air conditioner. He will also check the level of refrigerant and refill it if required.

Chemical overhaul

While overhauling your air conditioning unit the service provider will perform certain other activities along with the activities performed in normal and chemical wash aircon servicing procedures. These additional services will include:

Ensuring quiet operation of its fan by lubricating it so that it can run without making any kind of noise

Checking of controls and thermostat of the unit

Use appropriate chemicals to clean drain pan, pipes and blower wheel

Ensure the smooth transfer of heat without building up grime and dust by cleaning evaporator coil fan

Eliminate operational noises by replacing faulty bearings

Yearly maintenance service

Aircon Services

In this type of aircon servicing, all the activities performed in normal, chemical wash and chemical overhauling are performed form time to time, as and when required, to ensure proper working of the air conditioner throughout the year.

Thus, by using periodic aircon servicing schedules, discussed in this write-up, for your air conditioner you can enjoy its benefits for a long time. If you are unable to know the type of service required by your air conditioner, you can consult your service provider in this regard.

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