How To Prevent Water Leaking on Aircon

For sure, Air conditioners play a crucial role in our lives in the recent past. We need them in our homes, malls, hospitals among other places just name it. Moreover, for some reasons, they just break down when you least expect. These breakdowns are always annoying. The most annoying discrepancy of all is the air con leak especially here in Singapore. This is as a result of the fact that the country is located near the equator and experiences a tropical climate. Also, the country experiences high humidity as well as distributed temperatures all year round. So, in Singapore, how do you prevent water leaking from your Air conditioner?

Aircon Leaking

1.Proper Installation of the Air conditioner

When you are installing the air conditioner for the first time, always ensure that the window unit's is above the rare of the Air conditioner. A difference of one inch is enough for proper drainage. Having a window unit's above the rare of the air conditioner is advantageous. It allows the leak to flow out at the back of the unit. If these two are at the same level, then it will flow directly into the house which can bring damage s and distractions to your house.

2.Always clean the filters.

Depending on where your air conditioner is placed, at some point, the filters might catch dirt thus clogging the heat controller device. When a heat exchanger device is blocked, it blocks air circulation in the air conditioner. This makes the moisture inside to condense. This in turn results in water droplets forming which leak later. In order to get rid of this situation, ensure that you clean the water filters always. It is also important to check the aluminium foil which is located behind the system filters. This is to ensure that no clogging takes place. Always use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dirt.

3.Check for Icing

Usually, a slight drop in temperatures in the cooling coil causes the air conditioner to form ice. During dry periods, this ice starts melting thus leaking water. Always check into your air conditioner and see if you can locate the cooling coil. Check if there is formation of ice. If this happens, you will require to contact an air conditioner specialist to fix the bug for you. Always check this for two or 3 days in a week.

4. Unblocking the Drainage hole

Just behind the air conditioner, there is usually a groove like hole. The hole is usually designed to allow the water to drip out of the air conditioner to prevent air con leak. For some reasons, the small opening might block preventing water from dripping out. For this reason, water starts dripping into the house. For you to fix the bug, confirm whether plastic drain is designed well, to trap water which is produced when an air conditioner is in cooling mode.

Aircon Leaking

5.Replacing lost Refrigerants

Usually, an air conditioner is expected to remove a lot of moist air as more air flows into the conditioner. However, in some cases, this might not happen. The system develops a bug, where it experiences some difficulty in cooling, while more air is streaming in. For experts, they believe that this problem is brought by a shortage in refrigerant. To fix the bug, you will require a new refrigerant. You need to set up a heat pump to its lowest level and allow the system to run for sometime. If you discover that there is ice piling below the filter, only means that there is a problem and it needs an air conditioner specialist to fix it.

6.Checking the evaporator coil

For an evaporator coil, it is located inside the blower door. When checking the evaporator coil then you discover that there is frozen ice accumulated to the inside, you should raise an alarm. It only means that the rate of melting is taking place at a slower rate resulting in water spilling over the drain pan. A frozen evaporator coil can be caused by the presence of dirt in the filter. The work of the filter is to prevent the overflow of air over the coil. Restriction of air from passing through the evaporator coil, the temperature drops gradually. Always check the evaporator coil and ensure that it is in good condition. This is a common feature here in Singapore. Always contact an air conditioner specialist for more assistance. They are always available to fix your air conditioner.

7. Fixing an Overflowing drain Pan

The drain Pan is located below your indoor air handle. It catches any condensation from the condensation unit. When this unit is turned off, you should inspect the drain pan well, for leakages. If there is any leakage, use a moist cloth to clean any overflow on the drain pan. Inspect all the corners , bottom, sideways and everywhere in general with a flashlight. You can also fix a cracked drain pan with a water sealant. If you want it to last for long, then you need to buy a new drain pan. If you find it difficult fixing it on your on, you can always contact a qualified air conditioner specialist for more assistance.

Aircon Leaking

8. Checking by a professional

For some reasons, you might want to perform all the listed above by yourself. At some point, things might get a little bit difficult for you, because of a busy lifestyle or a fixed schedule. Good news is that in Singapore, there are so many experienced air conditioner specialists that will fix the problem for you. Call in an expert to fix the bug as you continue with your day to day schedule.

In conclusion

With all these ways of fixing an air conditioner, it is up to you to know how you can take care of your Air conditioner. With these type of climatic conditions in Singapore, it is always important to know how you can make your air conditioner last for long. You can always call an air conditioner specialist where you need assistance. Air conditioners are important in our lives and we need them for so many reasons.

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