8 Benefits Of Aircon Servicing During The Haze Season

  One of the common causes of air pollution in Singapore is the smoke haze. During the haze season, thick fumes of smoke fill the air and it becomes difficult to breathe and see clearly. The smoke is caused by fire in some of the areas in Southeast Asia. This has been a problem for many years and since it has affected the houses as well, the use of air cons has been encouraged. The air conditioners help in purifying the air inside the houses. Since they are electronic devices, they need to be serviced as frequent as possible. Generally, servicing your air con during the haze season will benefit you in many things. This will be beneficial to you and the air conditioner as well. So it is advised to service your air conditioner, but what are the accompanying benefits? Here is a look at the benefits of servicing your air conditioner during the haze season:

Haze Season

1. Boosts the performance of the aircon

The haze season is filled with thick fumes of smoke and this tends to leave some particles in the filters of the aircon. Technically, since the smoke is thick, some particles will be left in the filters. When this happens for a while, the air filters will be blocked by the thick layers of smoke residues. The aircon will strain to get the smoke residue from the air conditioner. This in the long run will affect its performance. Nonetheless, when the aircon is serviced, the some residue will be eliminated and this will help to boost the overall performance of the aircon. When the air filters are clear and free of any particles, air will flow freely without any difficulty.

2. To save on the energy costs

When the thick fumes of smoke get through the air conditioner, it becomes difficult for the air to flow with ease. As a result, the aircon will automatically use more energy to allow the air to flow easily. In turn, the electricity bills will go higher. When the aircon is serviced, it will work with ease and will use up less energy to run the equipment.

3. Prevents expensive breakdowns

It has been noticed that repairing an air conditioner that has broken down is very much costly than buying a new one. With regard to the brand and model of the air conditioner, the repair costs can go over the top. This can happen when the thick smoke haze gets through the aircon. Most of the air conditioners have been designed to automatically adjust when there are more particles in the filters. However, there are some that attempt to get rid of the particle inside the filters. Nonetheless, these particles can be too much for the air con and this can make them breakdown in the process. There are some that will overheat in attempt to get rid of the particles. Servicing the aircon will help to prevent such costly breakdowns.

4. To extend the life span of the air conditioner

Naturally, servicing your air conditioner will help to extend its life. How does this happen? When the thick fumes are trapped in the filters, the filters will become weaker. In the long run, they will be ruined and might not be replaced. Nonetheless, when the filters are cleaned and the entire aircon is serviced, every part inside will work perfectly. In the long run, the aircon will not have any unforeseen breakdowns. When the breakdowns are limited, the life span is boosted.

Haze Season

5. To limit the infections of the breathing system

Inasmuch as the air conditioner helps to purify the air inside the house, it can also be responsible for other infections of the respiratory system. When then air filters are clogged with the smoke fumes, the air conditioner will start emitting more fumes into the air. If you have some allergic conditions like asthma, this can affect you negatively. There can also be some cases of flu and other breathing problems. However, when the system is cleaned and serviced accordingly, there will be no cases of breathing related problems.

6. Enhances the comfort in the house

When you are sure that the system functions as expected and that there are no any chances of being affected by the thick fumes, then you can live without any worries. The house will be your safe haven and you will want to relax in the house, knowing that there are no fumes to worry about. This can only be possible when the air conditioner is serviced constantly enough.

7. Saves on medical bills

The smoke haze can be very lethal and inflicting to the breathing system of the person. This can affect the overall health of that person. Whether it is a child or an adult, the haze fumes can affect a person negatively. This will force you to seek medical attention. Depending on the level of infection, it can cost you a lot of money. When the system is attended to and every problem is fixed, it can help you to save money you would use for the medical bills. You might want to check the air filters and ensure that they are clean at all times.

8. To keep the system clean and stable

Servicing the air conditioner will help to ensure that the air conditioner is kept clean enough and that the lethal particles are eliminated. The aircon servicing can include the cleaning of the air filters and also, it can include the replacement of some parts. The fumes can accumulate in different parts of the air conditioner, which will need to be cleaned. This will help to keep your system clean and stable enough to be able to filter more fumes.

Whether it is cleaning the filters, replacing them or troubleshooting the air conditioner, it will help your system to last for long enough. For that, you can follow the manual of the system to know how to keep the filters clean. For the delicate operations, you can always call a professional to check your system. Generally, hiring a professional technician will help you save more money and also, your system will be serviced accordingly.

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