Mitsubishi Aircon VS Sanyo Aircon

  Singapore is a hot and humid weather country. With that said, a lot of people are looking for innovative solutions for keeping living spaces cool and under control. Air conditioning units are the most popular method for doing this. With recent technological advancements, air conditioning systems have become smaller in size, better in looks, and even better in performance. Companies leading in the air conditioning system production industry have learned to utilize various technological details and improving performance by doing so. Not only have they accomplished that, but they have managed to make these cooling and heating units much more attractive, hence, enabling them to be displayed within a living space without embarrassment.


Living in a hot interior can be extremely uncomfortable. Perspiration, amongst other things, become unbearable. Within the home is where comfort should be experienced at most. This is one of the reasons why air conditioning systems are important in maintaining a cool and comfortable living space.

There are a number of air conditioning system out there in the market and finding one that is best for you is much more easier said than done. With that in mind, a few things should be taken into account before making the final decision about which air conditioning unit to purchase. This essential appliance unit is, undoubtedly, a necessity in Singapore. Given the high degrees of heat and the uncomfortable feelings heat elicits, it is imperative to choose a unit that will serve the purpose in the long run. This is largely because of the required initial investment in a air conditioning unity system. Higher end price ranges of air conditioning units should last longer and function better in order to give consumers a run for their investment.

The Mitsubishi and Sanyo are two types of air conditioning models that stand out quite significantly from other models. They are mini split heat pump and split air conditioners designed using ductless technology. Manufactured by a well-known and equally highly esteemed companies, Mitsubishi, the Sanyo mini split air conditioning system is worth a consideration in the hunt for the perfect air conditioning unit.

Why should you consider the Mitsubishi or Sanyo air conditioning units?
- Powerful performance
- Environmentally friendly
- Customer oriented
- User friendly
- Cost efficient
- Easy installation
- Flexibility in interior placement

Mitsubishi Aircon

Given the fact that these units are mini-split technology oriented grants many advantages and reasons why they are good options to consider. For one reason, these units have a ready designed inverted that is integrated into the system. What these means is that the control of the air conditioning unit is much more efficient, almost automatic. For the user, this allows minimal maintenance and checking because the unit conducts adjustments on its own. Again, for the user, this a bonus because it minimizes the required time spent on tending to the machine and instead, allow the system to operate on its own.

Also, because of the mini split design of these units, there is much flexibility allowed in the cooling and heating in individual rooms. This also entails greater freedom and manoeuvrability of design and aesthetic decor placement. The models come with as many as four handling units for indoor spaces, meaning they can be distributed to up to four rooms, or zones. These units are connected to one outdoor unit. Each zone has its own independent thermostat for individual temperature controls. A

Also because they are mini split systems, they are easy to install into spaces. The hook up process only requires three inch holes through walls for necessary connection to a conduit. Generally, the process does not require more than a few hours for a do-it yourself procedure. And because these mini split designed units are ductless, they offer some great energy savings which ultimately translate to saving money for your wallet. Ductless technology cuts down 30% of energy consumption in air conditioners. All this amounts to eco-friendliness and money saving. These great technological features come with the units without compromising on looks. It is a happy marriage between functionality and aesthetic when it comes to these mini split air conditioning units.

Because they are placed in the interior of the home, they can be suspended from the ceiling, hung on the wall, or mounted flush into a drop ceiling. All these various installation options offer flexibility in choices about how to integrate the appliance into the living space. On which one to choose depends much on the architecture of the room. Depending on the dynamics and seating arrangements, the unit should be placed where optimal air flow will be harnessed. Wherever these units are positioned, they can be controlled by a remote control which is able to turn the system on and off.

Sanyo Aircon

With that said, all the benefits should be weighed against some disadvantages that come with these units. One, proper installation is the determinant of how the system will function and whether or not it will function properly. For instance, when installed incorrectly, short cycling in air may occur, resulting in energy wastage and lack of air cooling effects. In the long run, this may amount to large losses of energy costs without any benefits of cooling the environment. For these reasons, these units may require professional installation in order for them to work most optimally.

Also, some have had problems with the appearance of the system in the appearance of the unit in the living space. This is because different people have different tastes and not every user has the same taste. This problem can be fixed simply by either placing the unit in an obscure setting within the space or by placing it high on the wall, away from the general view of the room.

All in all, the Mitsubishi and Sanyo mini-split air conditioning systems are great investments. They are designed to function with great efficiency due to the ductless technology integrated within, easy to install, safe for the environment, cost effective, and good in appearance when integrated within the space. Both are worth a significant amount of consideration when shopping around for a air conditioning system for your living space.

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