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Singapore is one of the leading countries in Asia, which enjoy the latest advancement in technology. Several top brands are investing in the country, and there is also a big customer base. Some of the leading electric brands include Carrier and Mitsubishi. Carrier is a brand that is well known over the world, and it has been a trusted brand for many years. With Mitsubishi, most countries know it as a motor vehicle brand. However, in Singapore, it is known as a brand that manufactures home appliances like air conditioning systems, furnaces, among others. These two companies have a war in the customer base in Singapore. They both offer reliable services, and they have their benefits and drawbacks. Some tend to go with Carrier while others prefer Mitsubishi Electric. So which is the best brand? Here is a look between the two brands and why each brand has its own choice.


This brand is known to offer elegant cooling and heating options for homes and business premises. A lot of people in Singapore tend to go with Carrier, due to its reliability. The brand also has a model that are among the most efficient and quite in the Singaporean market. The carrier models are built to offer comfort and reliability. They offer a quiet and efficient way of cooling or heating your room or office. Regardless of the size of the room or office, the Carrier system can offer a perfect cooling or heating job. Another thing about the Carrier brand is that it offers a range of models that are easier to install and those that will last for long enough. They will not only be able to last for long, but they also come with an elegant design. The design is another thing that make Carrier a trusted brand.

Benefits of Carrier
Many leading electric devices brands are known for their super efficiency in delivering the best services. A carrier is one of the brands that have a great reputation, and many people consider it a brand worth buying. That said, here is a look at some of the top benefits of the Carrier brand and how efficient it is to the users.

Cost efficient
One thing about the Carrier brand is that it is well-known for its ability to help you save on the electricity bills. Several customers claim that the Carrier brand can save about 20% on average on the cooling and heating bills. This is what many people want to have in their properties.


Less Noise
Another benefit of the Carrier units is that they are mute, and you will barely notice when they are running. This is what many customers want in their homes and business units. With such a feature, you can relax and be sure of a comfortable unit that keeps the house warm and cool, without making a lot of noises.

They are leading in innovation
Carrier is one of the brands that is known to deliver models that are efficient and reliable enough, thanks to the innovations they use. Their systems contain features that are known to be high in technology. This is inspired by the founder of the brand, Willis Carrier. Willis was the person who invented the first-ever modern air conditioning unit, in 1902. Other brands borrow ideas from Carrier since it delivers models that are based on the latest technology.
Even though Carrier is known to be a durable and reliable brand that can serve you well in the house, some people have issues with the aircon unit during the cold days. The units blow in cold air, which makes it somewhat uncomfortable.

Mitsubishi Electric
This is another brand that is well-known in Singapore, and it is a reliable brand since it delivers some of the best models on the market. Mitsubishi Electric is globally known to deliver heating and cooling systems in homes and businesses. It also produces systems that are used in the extreme weathers. Their systems can deliver top results in the extreme cold or extreme heat. Their systems are sophisticated and rugged, making them reliable and efficient enough. They are also known for their ultimate durability.

Benefits of Mitsubishi Electric
Energy Efficient

They deliver systems that are reported to be more energy efficient that most of the HVAC systems around Singapore. This feature makes them a top choice for many homeowners and business persons in their properties.

Mitsubishi Electric

Tech Smart Systems
The technology used in Mitsubishi Electric is what makes them notable among many brands. The technology used helps to utilize the energy in all the rooms in the house. There is the innovative INVERTER-controlled compressor technology. This technology lets you get a consistent temperature in the entire house. There will be no fluctuation in the heat or cold air around the house. The feature also helps to control the speed of the compressor, which depends on the need of every room. It also has an Eco-comfort technology that gives you a reliable temperature in the room, while being friendly to the environment.

Quiet Systems
The Mitsubishi Electric models are also quiet as they run. This makes your home reliable enough, and you will not have to worry about it running, even in a board meeting room. This feature also makes it a top choice by many people.

Remote Controlled
The system is also known to be controlled remotely. The system allows you to control it, without the need for getting up and manually adjusting the settings. There is the MHK1 Wireless Remote Controller, along with a Wireless receiver. This can be installed on any wall, and it has a display with a backlight, with allows it to fine-tune the fan speed, temperature, the direction of airflow, among others. These are some of the features that make Mitsubishi Electric a top choice.

Both the brands are top choices for many homeowners and businesspersons in Singapore. Nonetheless, many people tend to go with the Mitsubishi Electric, since it has more features that make it easy to operate and more reliable. The drawback of the Mitsubishi Electric is that it tends to be somewhat expensive than the Carrier brand. The Carrier brand, on the other hand, might not be as efficient as Mitsubishi, especially when heating or cooling the house.


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