Casement Aircon VS Split Aircon

Air conditioning is a process of altering the structure of air in terms of properties, to give out a pleasing air condition. In this case, there are two possible properties to be changed by carrying out air conditioning i.e warm or cold properties. To achieve this, an appliance called air conditioner is used. The device is designed in a specific way to fit to the demand of the environment to be use on. The entire mechanism of an air conditioner is based on the refrigeration cycle. However, there is also use of evaporation cycle in some cases that differs in regard to different air conditioning systems. There are different types of air conditioning systems like split air con, casement air con, Central air con and window air conditioning systems. In this case, we are going to look at Casement air con verses split air con.

Casement Aircon VS Split Aircon

Split air conditioning system

The split air con system is made of two main parts namely;

- Out door unit
- Indoor unit

The out door part is installed outside on the wall that is directly located to a place that needs to be cooled or heated. In the outdoor part, there contains condenser coil, compressor and expansion coil. On the other side, the indoor part contains the air filter, cooling coil and a long blower. It is designed to take up a sleek and impressing style. The split air con, casement air con has one thing in common. They were used in house hold cooling, however, they still have differences in unit and operations. split aircon, casement aircon once acted as the best appliances for the house, but as time slides away changes are occurs.

The split air con is known to have more benefits as compared to other systems. One of the benefit is that this system do not require high installation cost. This is because it needs only a connecting wire from the out door unit to the indoor unit. Energy consumption of Split air con is minimal because of the fewer components in the units. Another benefit of this system is based on economical factor. A single outdoor unit can serve more than two indoor units unlike other air conditioning systems. This makes it possible to have two different rooms being served by one outdoor unit which minimizes cost. The other benefit of this kind of a cooling system is the quiet operation. It occurs because the parts that make a lot of noise are the condenser, fan that cools the condenser and the compressor. In the case of a split air con, these components are located on the out door unit.

Casement air conditioner

In this system, the conditioner is an all in one unit and compacts the components together. These split aircon, casement aircon and window air con have several things in common. The casement air con is not complicated to handle and install as compared to other systems. However, there are several other factors that must be considered while choosing air conditioners like split aircon, casement aircon and central air conditioner. The casement air con do not have a valve for refilling the refrigerant when it is finished, unlike the split aircon system. The next consideration to make before settling on the system to use is the place to install the conditioner. Due to casement air con having many components, it does not serve well after some of the components fail to work as intended. One of the common part to fail is the PCB board, which can also be referred as a compressor. When it fail, the system do not work and is unrepairable, unlike split air conditioner system.

Comparison of split aircon, casement aircon in relation to other systems

The two systems acts as good conditioners, but there are a few differences and similarities. Starting with the energy aspect, casement air con is not friendlier since it has been designed with many components that use a lot of energy. Split air con on the other hand, is known to contain fewer components that minimizes the use of energy. This concludes that casement air con uses more energy than split air con. In contrast, the split air con is less noisier than the casement air con. This means that there is a factor to consider before choosing the system to install. Both air conditioning systems are easy to install, unlike other air con systems. The durability factor differs between the two, because split air conditioner lasts longer that casement air conditioner.


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