Is Cheap Aircon Servicing Really Good?

Singapore can really get hot during the day or in specific months. As a matter of fact, being a hot and humid country, the temperatures may exceed 30 Centigrade. Such times call for the use of an air conditioning unit. Just like any other equipment, the performance of aircons will degrade overtime. This may be caused by normal wear and tear, faulty equipment, or human error. As part of bringing down the costs of repair and servicing, people will always be influenced by aircon servicing cheap deals. Unfortunately, as the old saying goes “Cheap is expensive”, many customers find themselves receiving a raw deal that may entail the following:

Is Cheap Aircon Servicing Really Good? 


1. Service without Guarantee
When receiving any service, a customer expects it to be of high standards. This will apply to any service whether basic or complex. Furthermore, a consumer also wants assurance that the service will give optimal performance and last for a long time. Cheap deals on aircon service may provide the service, but the assurance may either be word of mouth, or short-term. Reputable firms always make sure to put the long-term guarantee on paper.

2. Environmental and User Safety

Many aircon servicing groupon offers may offer similar service to well established and reputable firms. Considering a large firm will always have better bargaining due to its size and economies of scale, the other firm may most likely be using tactics that give it unfair advantage. One of the most common ways of beating the price trap has always been to use substandard products. A firm may use a refrigerant that has been banned in the Singaporean market. The gas may not only be harmful to the user, but also to the environment. It is therefore necessary to contract a firm that has been registered and certified as being compliant with environmental regulations.  

3. Professionalism May Be Lacking
 Many people view servicing of air conditioners as a basic service that does not require a lot of work. For this reason, they opt to go for any “Joe” who promises to carry out the service at the least cost. Unknown to them, aircon servicing can also get quite complex. Newer technology has made the units more efficient but also requiring a lot of expertise. This skill will most likely be lacking in a novice or any other person not well versed with the air conditioners. More often than not, users have had their units damaged and compensation not being offered simply because of trusting an uncertified technician.

4. Lack of Variety
Aircon servicing is more than just blowing the dust, cleaning the panel, and dusting or replacing the filter. Usually, the type of aircon service will be determined by things such as age, fault, and mode of operation. Unlike well-established firms that offer a wide range of services, aircon servicing cheap deals will mainly concentrate on general service, which is replacing the filter, refilling the gas, and wiping the panels. A good service provider will be able to offer a number of services depending on the need. For instance, a new or properly working unit may only require basic service. An aged unit may require additional service such as aircon overhaul, or chemical wash.  

5. Advisory Services

Any customer desires to receive the best service. This should not only be available when things have gone wrong, but also when basic advice is needed. A good firm will give advice to the customer even when the firm is not making any money. Such instances include advising a customer on the best air conditioners in the market, how to minimize power consumption, tips on choosing the right size, and also making a home visit and offering a quote with no commitment to service. These services will usually be unavailable in the firms offering cheap bargains.


It is true that the economy is becoming volatile. This has made it harder to sustain day-to-day living considering that the cost of living is ever going up. Options such as minimizing the use of the air conditioner may not be feasible especially in soaring temperatures. Rather than trying to save an extra penny by going for aircon, servicing groupon deals that promise heaven but deliver something very different, it would be better to go for quality and safe service. This ensures that you not only get maximum satisfaction, but also have serenity of mind.
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