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  Singapore has a record for some of the hottest days in Asia. Being on a coastline, the hostile humidity could be intimidating. No company wants to compromise the work performance of its employees by allowing the office to be too stuffy. Even for home owners, nothing beats the ambiance of cool breezes in the heat of the day. Air conditioning has formed a key part of the home and office environment in Singapore from the 70's to date. If you are considering an aircon upgrade for your home or office, you may be interested to know what brands have a reputation of reliability and efficiency. While many people opt to walk blindly into a store and get the cheapest air-con equipment, the best method is to ignore the price first and go for quality. Some of the best aircon brands in Singapore are Mitsubishi, Daikin and Panasonic. Below is an expose of each of those, along with some of the most exciting features for each.

Aircon Brands


As expected, Mitsubishi is a world leader in air-conditioning and electronics. The history of air-conditioning for this company dates back to the 20's when they made the first electric fan in 1921. For the past 92 years, the Mitsubishi Corporation has made lives bearable for the world as well as learned important lessons in cooling systems. The brand is made to work for any climate, making it reliable even in Singapore. The air-conditioners are made for multi-purpose use, which means that they can work in a myriad of environments. Whether in the office, in the home or in a workshop, these will work just fine.

Mitsubishi air-cons are made to thrive under constant use while remaining relevant years after installation. One key advantage of Mitsubishi is that they are highly rated in the Singapore climate both in low power consumption and energy efficiency. Most models come with remote controlled operation to allow ease of use. This means that the end user can install it on any part of the room as adjusting to different temperatures will be easy. Mitsubishi customers also enjoy Three Phase Advantage, Carbon Filter, Dust Filter, Anti-corrosive Blue Fins, Copper Condenser and Hydrophilic Blue Evaporator Fins. All these are technical features designed to make the user experience better in one way or another.

Aircon Brands


Another popular brand in the aircon market in Singapore is Panasonic. Its popularity is not only in Singapore but the world over. This air-conditioner comes in a wide range of designs and models that are suitable for any indoor environment. For those who prefer wall-mounted, floor ceiling, or free standing air-conditioners, then Panasonic is definitely a good choice. You will have the power of choice depending on your needs and the size of your cooling space.

As far as performance is concerned, your cooling space will limit you. Panasonic conditioners come in varied capacities that can serve a myriad of spaces ranging from a small study to a huge workshop. One unique feature for all Panasonic conditioners is the fact that they are known for silent operation. Nobody really fancies a loud air-conditioner in the room. Buzzing sounds or monotonous hums often create a dizzy atmosphere. Panasonic customers will enjoy huge benefits that range from smart design, non-cluttering operation, light weight appliances and portability. If you are looking to acquire one soon, you can consider some of the most popular models in Singapore. These include CS-SC series ranging from 1HP to 4 HP. Panasonic is definitely a brand to reckon in the refrigeration industry.

Aircon Brands


Again, Daikin serves as one of the leading companies in refrigeration and air conditioning in Singapore and the world. Many clients admit that Daikin cooling appliances live up to its good name. They have a reputation for reliability and ease of use while delivering exceptional results. Another awesome thing about this brand is the ease of accessing their awesome customer service in Singapore. Many brands perform equally well, but what will a customer do in case of a mishap? That is where good after-sales service comes in.

Daikin conditioners are awesomely engineered to suit the Singapore work and home environments. Some of the most popular features that thee brands come with include; Anti-bacterial filters, Anti dust features, Self-cleansing fins, Dehumidification properties, and automatic Turbo cleaning. These air-conditioners give the option of removing any heat, humidity as well as disease-causing organisms and dust in the air. This comes as a perfect choice for those with allergic reactions and sensitivity to pathogens.

In addition, Daikin air-conditioners have a reputation for ease of use. Their capacities can be varied around before installation depending on the needs of the users. This is over and above the fact that they come in various designs to suit any office or home environment. The designs include; Window versions, floor standing, split, network solution and ducted air conditioners. For the discerning customer, Daikin is definitely a brand to watch.


For the customers who need better reliability it is always an advantage to get a professional to do installation for you. DIY installation works but is rarely effective or efficient for non-professionals. As a note though if you really want to do the installation yourself, below are some factors to consider when buying a good air conditioner.

a) The Energy efficiency ratio

This is simply the cooling capacity of the air conditioning per unit power consumption. It can be calculated by dividing the cooling capacity figure on its packing by the energy consumption in watts. The higher the ratio, the better the appliance.

b) The Star rating

The star rating ranges from 1 – 5 from the Bureau of energy efficiency. It is a measure of the efficiency and effectiveness of the appliance. If you are purchasing any model, always go for the higher rating. It means it is more efficient. Obviously, you may want to juggle this around with the price but whatever you do, keep an eye on the rating.

c) The Cooling wattage

The cooling wattage is measured in British Thermal Units per hour (Btu/hr). This is simply the amount of cooling that the appliance can achieve in an hour. This is a key consideration and larger rooms will need higher wattage for the system to be effective.

d) The total power usage

Finally, also consider the total power wattage involved. The higher the power wattage, the more the energy the appliance will use. As a thumb rule, avoid high power appliances as they will inflate your electric bill considerably. Always go for the lowest electric wattage for your cooling wattage need.

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