Why My Aircon Has To Wait For A Long Time Before It Is Cold?

Aircon Not Instantly Cold

Why My Aircon Has To Wait For A Long Time Before It Is Cold?

Aircon Not instantly cold? The various functions of an aircon include maintaining the room cool during hot seasons and heat the room during winter, get rid of the dust and other tiny particles from the room, provide adequate ventilation and maintain the humidity level etc. The aircon depends on a variety of factors for its smooth and efficient functioning. When there are changes or variations in these factors, the performance of the aircon will be affected. These factors include the load, the charge and the flow of air across thecoils. The air conditioner produces coolness inside the room by pulling out the heat from the air. When the aircon is not able to pull the heat from inside to outside at the normal rate then cooling will be affected and it will take more time to cool the room.

The air conditioner requires a certain amount of refrigerant. The evaporator of the aircon is filled with the liquid refrigerant. When it absorbs heat from the air inside the room it becomes a gas. The gas is pumped out into the condenser where it gets liquified again when it loses the heat. In case the refrigerant leaks out of the aircon the capacity of the system to produce coolness starts to reduce.

Air flow
When the airflow through the condenser is affecting the system becomes unable to reject the heat outside and consequently the cooling will be slow. Reduced airflow can affect the evaporator coil also which is inside the room. Due to very low airflow the evaporator can get frozen thereby damaging the compressor unit and ultimately producing no cooling effect.

Condition of filter
There is a paper filter in the duct of the aircon. The purpose of the filter is to catch the particles from the air stream in order to keep the system clean. However, when the filter is heavily loaded with particles the airflow gets reduced due to more resistance. The filter must be changed at that stage. When there is a delay in changing the filter the airflow will be reduced further and the cooling will be slow. Moreover the contaminated filter will also start polluting the air.

Leaky duct
Leakage of the duct also can be the reason for slow cooling by the aircon. When there is leakage in the duct the energy of the system is reduced by 40%. The outside of theducts must be insulated properly to stop the leakage.

Reduce the load
The aircon takes more time for cooling if it is heavily loaded. The load can be reduced by switching off other electrical appliances and lights.

Lack of regular servicing
For efficiency of the aircon and economy of energy the aircon must be serviced at regular intervals. The owner of the aircon can hire a professional technician who will maintain the system clean and without any leakage. The experienced technician can correctly detect the reason for the poor performance of the system so that exact remedial measures can be adopted.

The aircon that is maintained properly by way of periodic servicing can ensure fast cooling as well as considerable saving of energy.


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